You are AUTUMN

With a mix of 3 color characteristics
you're WARM DEEP and SOFT

Everyone has a Seasonal color palette that's closest to their coloring!

BUT if you don't feel a fit with these colors try the Tonal Color Quiz where the color families have just ONE color characteristic. 

AUTUMN is...

AUTUMN colors are probably the most sophisticated of the Seasons.  A classy and classic mix of rich and elegantly blended country chic!   

The best colors for YOU are WARM with a yellow undertone, SOFT (muted) never harsh and garish, and with a DEEP (strong) intensity that allows your natural coloring to glow!

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

Your natural coloring

  • Your complexion can be fair through to a deep beige or coppery tone. You may look pink sometimes against your dark hair but your undertone is always WARM golden toned.  
  • Your eyes are soft; warm green, golden or deepest amber, warm brown or turquoise/teal - often with yellow or orange flecks.  
  • Your hair is medium brown through to a rich Warm deep chestnut, if your skin is deep copper then your hair may appear close to black. There are usually red tones in your hair, not always initially obvious. 

  • You have quite a strong contrast between your eyes, brows, skin and hair color. 

Your best colors

You will probably feel an affinity with your new Color Family or, at least, with some of the colors because your natural coloring and your instincts are connected.

Wearing these colors will allow you to look your best and avoid wasting money on clothes that don't do you justice. 

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

Carrying colors in your head is difficult and a Color Swatch makes organizing a breeze and shopping a pleasure. Your choice won't be limited, on the contrary, between each color there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

Why you should wear AUTUMN colors

  • Wearing these colors echoes your own natural coloring creating harmony and balance
  • You will look healthier and more attractive and feel more confident both in yourself and your appearance 
  • The AUTUMN color palette is a glorious mix of DEEP WARM and SOFT shades and really will bring you to LIFE! 
  • You can use this color palette to create a a co-ordinated wardrobe and streamline your life!
  • Your skin and eyes are always clearer when you wear colors that echo your natural coloring. A bloom will return to your cheeks, you'll look younger and more attractive.
  • You are likely to feel an instinctive affinity with the mellowness of this classic and elegant palette. 
You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

And how to recognize AUTUMN shades

  • All AUTUMN shades are WARM with a golden undertone
  • They are DEEP and earthy, with a richly blended SOFTNESS, nothing harsh and yet with a subtle brilliance and strength!  

  • Choose ivory or soft cream rather than a clinical pure white.
  • The colors of nature: rich reds, golds, greens and browns from the Autumn landscape itself; heathery blue from the mountains and deep teal from the sea.  
  • All of these colors will allow your natural coloring to shine. 

Some familiar faces with AUTUMN coloring

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

Your Neutrals

  • Neutrals form the backbone of your wardrobe - the investment pieces such as coats, jackets, trousers, a good dress, accessories etc. which take you from season to season
  • Neutrals create the perfect foil for your beautiful accent colors
  • Your best neutrals have a WARM undertone but are stronger and richer than the Warm palette alone - from camel through the rich rusts and terracottas, gingery browns though to the deepest chocolate. Warm marine navy, warm Autumn grey and the sublime olive green in all it's shades. 
  • Black is not part of the Autumn palette but it is, of course, Deep, so there is a connection. You will be drawn to darker colors anyway and if black is a favorite it can provide the perfect foil for some of the brilliant Autumn shades. But do try to keep it well away from your face. 
You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

How to wear your AUTUMN colors

You might have a AUTUMN palette but don't even begin to think about the months of the year! You can wear and enjoy your color palette all year round as the AUTUMN colors will always allow you to look your best! 

Rather than looking at the whole palette at once, look at one color at a time and I'll bet you find a few favourites in there - perhaps the color of a t-shirt or a jumper which always gets you compliments. This is reassuring - these are your colors!

So how to begin putting them together for an outfit? When you look at the images below you'll see that there is probably nothing different to the way you would normally wear your clothes. Over thinking can complicate - just enjoy!

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

Makeup Hair and Jewelry

  • Makeup colors for AUTUMN coloring are warm and soft - a natural look but with depth suits you best. Choose makeup shades to flatter your skin tone and you'll always look your best.

  • FOUNDATION: Look for a foundation with a yellow/warm undertone to complement your skin and match it as closely as possible on the jaw line. Avoid a 'flat' beige which will flatten your coloring.
  • LIPSTICK: Natural shades of copper, bronze or terracotta, rustic or natural earthy tones; deeper skins can enjoy a deep rusty red. Your pinks are apricot and salmon, always avoid harsh blue toned pink and burgundy.
  • EYES:Natural tones of taupe, beige or warm brown for shaping and creamy highlighter for the lid. Choose beautiful dusky shades from your palette: teal, olive, deep forest green and warm purple.
  • BLUSH: Choose blusher with a peach or brown undertone. Stronger skintones can choose deep terracotta and rusty browns.
  • HAIR: Your hair is naturally WARM to complement your skin tone so if you choose to add color you should have no bother finding subtle shades like rich chestnut and auburn. 
  • JEWELRY: Gold is always best, a subtle brushed gold even better, to complement your golden undertone. Follow the colors of your color palette and choose richly colored beads, wooden or copper pieces.  

Click to see more about the AUTUMN Color Family

All you need to enjoy your AUTUMN colors

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

Autumn Color Brief £4

The AUTUMN Color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying the AUTUMN Color Family.

With 30 colors, advice for makeup, hair, jewelry and glasses frames. It also comes with a printable color swatch so you can make it up into an mirror image of the fabric swatch.    

This is a digital product.

The Seasonal Color Brief - £12
(4 seasons & 4 color swatches for the price of 3)

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

How to identify and discover your own 'best' Season - with all 4 Seasonal Color Briefs and 4 color swatches.

Spring Summer Autumn and Winter Seasons - 4 for the price of 3. 

For each Season you will discover how to wear and enjoy the colors, advice for makeup, hair, jewelry and glasses frames.

PLUS a 30 shade color swatch (33 for Autumn) ready to download and makeup into a mirror image of the fabric swatch.


Autumn color swatch £28.00

You are Autumn! #autumncoloranalysis #youareautumn #autumncolors

The AUTUMN color fan holds 30 precision dyed fabric color swatches which fan out to show the whole range of harmonizing shades (shown in the square).

The fan is practical and easy to use, 12.5cm x 6.5cm, finished in a suede style cover and comes with a wealth of information about co-ordination, cosmetics, accessories etc. Don't think that your choice is now limited, between these colors there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

All deliveries are now tracked to ensure safe delivery which means postage costs have risen. Too offset this, I am happy to include a FREE Color Brief (worth £4) with every swatch order! 

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