What are the color of my eyes for the Free Color Analysis quiz?

by Cristina

In the Free Color Analysis Quiz - "What color are your eyes? My eyes are gray (slightly green) and brown. Should I choose the hazel (it has the brown around pupil, ok, it's not brown, it`s hazel/light brown) or the grey green?

I picked the hazel, and the result was `warm`. Please guide me.

Hi Cristina

Good question! I checked on this and it wasn't easy to identify with the 'hazel eye' - but I think you've done absolutely the right thing.

For anyone who has hazel eyes, the picture wasn't perfect so I've changed it. Hope this makes it much easier for other people to identify with. You'll find the Free Color Analysis Quiz here

Perhaps you'd like to try again - you'll certainly find the picture easier now.

kind regards

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