What are the best dresses for a spring with an apple shape body

by Annie

Qestion What are the best clothes for a warm spring with an apple body shape?

Answer Hi Annie

I can see in your photograph that you have a good bust and the fabulous slender hips and thighs that an apple shape is known for. Your challenge is disguising the lack of a waistline.

Choose a V neckline and create the appearance of a high waist just below the bustline, like an empire line. This will be the narrow point of your figure and takes the eye away from the midriff. Ensure there's enough fabric to skim over your body but don't add extra bulk over those lovely hips.

Next have quite a few dresses this season that would suit but we're shopping online so only have pictures to go on. Although this Next dress has long sleeves I want to show you the adjustable tie which gives you a waist but hides your tummy area and keeps all the attention high on the body. Or this pretty Holiday dress with under the bust shaping - as holidays might be back on the agenda soon! Both dresses will disguise a less than perfect middle area.

Wrap dresses are good too as they usually tie high beneath the bust.

It won't be long until we have the shops open and you can enjoy trying on instore. Until then I hope that helps.

kind regards

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