Warm Muted but feel good in Warm Bright

by Karla

The Warm palette has both soft and stronger shades

The Warm palette has both soft and stronger shades


Hi Pamela

I'm reasonably sure, and admit to myself, that I am Warm Muted but the colors drag me down emotionally, especially in winter. I prefer brighter colors. Can you advise me on this?


Hi Karla

If you've found that Warm colors work for you then go with the palette from the Warm color family as a whole. Whether you choose muted or stronger tones will often go hand in hand with mood or occasion anyway.

If brighter colors cheer you up in the winter then sounds as though you've got it right. You should always wear what makes you feel good and, consequently, you'll look good too.

A true Warm can wear both soft and stronger shades from the palette - see the image above.

kind regards

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