Soft Autumn confusion

I have been draped as a Soft Autumn. Does that mean I am able to wear soft and muted colors of the cool and warm makeup colors in lipstick and blush? I have found that a soft pink, peach and coral lipstick and blush colors all look good on me. I was told as long as the makeup colors match the clothing colors they are all right to wear? Thank you..

Hi there

The basis of Color Analysis is that your own natural coloring is determined. You should then be introduced to the palette of colors that make up your Color Family with an explanation as to how and why these colors work with your coloring. You need to know how to wear them and what they will do for you.

Your color palette would give you all the colors you need to choose both makeup and clothes, they will all work together and flatter your complexion and natural coloring. These colors should make you feel and look your best.

You are the important element here - you shouldn't ever need to match yourself to clothes - once you understand how it works it should be so easy!

I am sorry to hear that you've spent good money on a Color Analysis but no-one has given you the right kind of information so you can enjoy using and experimenting with your colors.

I'd like to make a few points...

1. Autumn coloring (however it's described) is always Soft, always Deep and always Warm. It is definitely never Cool. If Cool colors have been mentioned, you may have been given the wrong information.

2. If you feel good in both Warm and Cool soft shades you may have been wrongly categorized.

3. If your consultant doesn't understand the Tonal color families, then the MUTED/SOFT color family is often wrongly determined as Soft Autumn or Soft Summer.

4. In that case you would have elements of both Warm and Cool - see my article about Soft Autumn and see if it rings a bell.

May I suggest that you initially contact your Color Consultant once again and ask for more information about your color direction so that you can fully understand and enjoy your colors. If necessary perhaps she could drape you again so you can see what she is trying to explain.

If you would like to ask me any more questions about this please
Contact Me again and leave your name and email address so I can contact you personally and offer some help.

kind regards

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