Soft Autumn and wearing Black


I've been identified as Soft Autumn. However, I just can not get rid of black in my wardrobe.

With the make up on it does not look that bad as described to me. Is it really so crucial to avoid black completely? I have a lot of black in my wardrobe and grey by the way.

Thank you,

Hi Natasha

Whatever your color palette you don't have to follow rigid rules. Your color direction shows you the shades which are most flattering for your coloring and understanding is the key!

Once you understand how the colors work and what they do for you then it's up to you to interpret the way you use them. If you have soft coloring black will never be best worn next to your face and as long as you know that it's fine.

But, almost everyone has black tucked away in their closet somewhere and you shouldn't have to apologize to anyone or feel that you 'must' get rid of it. If it works for you as part of a neutral wardrobe then just keep it away from your face as much as possible.

Take a look at the photos at the top of the page. The gorgeous Olivia Palermo has Muted coloring and although she looks fabulous in her soft colors she frequently includes black as a staple neutral. Of course we don't all look like OP so just be aware of the effect the colors are having on your complexion and soften the effect if necessary.

I have to say that I am not a fan of splitting the Autumn palette into 3. Autumn is always soft, always deep and always warm. If you have been determined Soft Autumn it could mean that Soft/Muted is your primary characteristic and you could be enjoying a wider color palette with the Muted Color Family. Why not take a look...

The main thing is that if you feel good about yourself you'll look good too - so go with it.

kind regards

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Sep 05, 2016
Black and Soft Autumn
by: Natasha

Thank you,Pamela. Your very detailed answer was for sure a comfort.However I 've got similar explanation from the color analyst working with me.S he mentioned that is better to use a flattering color scarf or blouse if I am planning on wearing black. I guess same about cold shades of grey.I guess I was mostly about black little dress as a staple:) I am very happy to discover more info for my case and all the links are wonderful. Keep doing you wonderful work! God bless,

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