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You have a Rectangle Body shape

Are you a RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE? Do you have a STRAIGHT BODY line? Then you're the perfect clothes horse! Most models have this body shape!

Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width. Whether you are a size 8 or size 28 you still have a STRAIGHT BODY. 

If you're slender you probably have a small bust, little waist definition and a flat bottom.

But lucky you, even if you carry a little extra weight around your midriff you can retain a more slender appearance than your curvy friends. Slim hips and great legs are your big bonus.

If this is the nearest body shape to your own, then check out how easy and LOGICAL it is to choose the most complementary shapes to flatter your figure.

Rectangle body shape #rectangle body

It's Shape not Size that dictates your Body Type

Rectangle body shape #rectangle body #Kate Hudson

Most rectangle body shapes are drawn instinctively towards straight lines and crisp shapes. 

Look at your positives!

  • slender hips and thighs
  • clothes fall elegantly from a strong shoulder line
  • you can wear a wide variety of styles
  • you always give the appearance of being slim
  • any extra weight is evenly distributed

Maximize your elegant frame

  • with clean lines and structured shapes
  • well tailored jackets and pants
  • show off your best assets - shoulders and legs
  • enjoy skinny jeans
  • wear a belt to define your waistline under a jacket
Rectangle body shape #rectangle body

Forget the curves and frills...

Rectangle body shape #rectangle body #Nicole Kidmand #Gwyneth Paltrow #Lauren Hutton

Your rectangular body shape does not lend itself easily to curves and frills - this would be the epitome of a round tablecloth on a square table.

You have a strong body structure with angles and straight lines - not curves. Just imagine trying to fit the lithe frame of Nicole Kidman into fluffy ruffles. 

It's often said that the perfect figure is the Hourglass and this is the shape we should aspire to create. What a load of TOTAL RUBBISH!

Although you might not have been aware of your angular body structure you've probably always been drawn to clothes with straight lines. If it feels good to create a softer outline then that's fine too, but you'll never create an Hourglass out of a Rectangle.

However, if you want to slightly soften your straight body frame then you can...

Minimize the long lean look and create a curvaceous illusion

If you want to soften the rectangle body shape there are ways to do it. 

  • separates add interest to a long body rather than all in one dresses or jumpsuit
  • break up the length of your body with different color top and bottom
  • avoid vertical detail - line of buttons, pleats or stripes
  • wear a belt without adding bulk to your waistline
  • add softness and volume to your tops
  • add, color and wider necklines
  • an A-line or softly pleated skirt adds volume and a rounded hipline to your bottom half
  • always wear a good bra to make the most of your bustline
  • always define the waist which goes towards creating the look of a more shapely figure
  • this fabulous dress (right) adds curves and movement visually without compromizing the straight lines
Rectangle body shape #rectangle body #Gwyneth Paltrow

Petite Rectangle?

If you're a Rectangle body shape and also a Petite Lady, check out some styling tips so you can maximise every inch.

Dress your own Body Shape

Although you now understand the basics of fitting your RECTANGLE body shape perhaps, like many of us, you may have other annoying problems when you're trying to find something to fit.

We've all got the odd 'figure challenge' - perhaps it's sloping shoulders, a hollow back, a bust that's too big or too small. It's easy to accetuate your good points and eliminate or disguise any problem areas once you know what to look for and what to avoid!

Good fit is everything - it can make a modest outfit look a million dollars!

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