How to flatter a Rectangle Body shape

A RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE has Straight Hips and a Straight Body Line. 

Your shoulders and hips will be roughly the same measurement with little waist definition and, whether you are a size 8 or size 28 you still have a STRAIGHT BODY.

It's SHAPE not SIZE that dictates your BODY TYPE because it's your body frame or bone structure that counts.

Now that you've identified your body type it's easy to choose the logical and most complementary shapes to flatter your figure.  

Rectangle Body Shape #rectanglebody #rectangularbody #bodyshape

It's Shape not Size that dictates your Body Type

Most of us with rectangular body shapes are likely to gain weight around the tummy/midriff area in our middle years.

But, fortunately, any extra weight can usually be carried without being noticed too much.

You will have a moderate to good bust with little waist definition and a flat bottom. 

Slim hips and great legs are your big bonus.

How Camilla does it...

Rectangle Body Shape #rectanglebody #rectangularbody #bodyshape

It must be very stressful to have every outfit reported - particularly when it doesn't quite work. But Camilla, our lovely Duchess of Cornwall, rarely gets it wrong!

The evening gown on the left shows that a lack of structure allows this dress to cling all over. With a structured shoulder, however, you can define the top half of the body and suggest a waist just under the bust. An overall slimmer silhouette.

I love the two coats on the right which create a visual illusion of a slimmer figure - if a style works then repeat it in a different color. 

A rectangle body shape? forget the curves...

Your rectangle body shape does not lend itself easily to curves and frills - this would be the epitome of a round tablecloth on a square table.

You will usually be drawn instinctively towards straight lines and structured shapes which can be used to create the illusion of curves.

However, you will never make an hourglass out of a rectangle!  

Look at your positives!

  • slender hips and thighs just right for skinny jeans!
  • clothes hang well from a strong shoulder line
  • you can wear a wide variety of styles
  • Good hips/thighs allow you to maintain a slender appearance

  • extra weight is evenly distributed


  • Avoid shapeless garments
  • Avoid frills and ruffles
  • Avoid adding to the boxy shape
Rectangle body shape #rectangle body

How to enhance your rectangle body shape...

  • well structured clothes
  • separates to create interest; color top and bottom will break up a rectangle
  • a well fitted bra so that your bust and waist are clearly defined
  • create curves; emphasize the waist or shape in to suggest a high waist that skims over the midriff
  • show off good shoulders with wide necklines or top detail, wear shoulder pads if necessary
  • tops that finish at hip level show off slender hips/thighs
  • a hip length jacket and jeans will show off your slim hips and thighs
  • choose jeans with a lower rise to fit hips and not fight with midriff
  • soften the silhouette with wide leg or boot cut pants, a softly pleated skirt
  • choose good foundation wear if you want garments to cling to your midriff
  • a narrow belt can create a waist or suggest a waist worn under a jacket 
  • a high fastening wrap dress will introduce a waist to your rectangle body shape
Rectangle Body Shape #rectanglebody #rectangularbody #bodyshape

Tall and slender?

If you're tall and slender like our celebrities it obviously still applies!

Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Clare Danes are tall rectangles but add visual curves and movement to their fabulous red-carpet dresses without compromising the straight lines.  

Petite Rectangle?

If you're a Rectangle body shape and also a Petite Lady, check out some styling tips so you can maximise every inch.

Dress your own Body Shape

Although you will now understand the basics of fitting your RECTANGLE figure, like most of us, you may have the odd 'problem spot' which bothers you.  

Perhaps it's sloping shoulders, a hollow back, a bust that's too big or too small - so take a look at how you can dress this part individually.

Dress for your OWN Body Shape shows you how to cope with your own personal bugbears!

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