Petite Pear Shape

A good fit holds the key to a Petite Pear Shape looking her best. 

The Pear shaped body type is defined by bone structure; the hip and thigh area is wider than the shoulders and it's also the area that carries any excess weight.

The petite pear has shorter legs which means that the hips (and any extra weight) are closer to the ground. This visually widens the area even more.

So what's to be done? It's easy to adjust proportions if you're aware of your overall silhouette.  

By the way... what different people consider 'petite' can vary but I usually think it's 5ft 3" and under. 

Don't be over critical...

Don't be over-critical of your figure but if you'd like to look taller there are simple ways to visually balance your proportions and help your legs to look a bit longer. 

It's all about how you feel. If you're happy with your petite shape and height that's fine; if you want some style tips to make you appear taller...  read on.


A pear shaped body is defined by the width of the shoulders in relation to the width of the hips.

Those are horizontal measurements and it details your HORIZONTAL BODY.  

Take the Body Type Quiz if you don't know yours.


A petite figure is concerned with height so this is your VERTICAL BODY.

The body is 'considered' to be perfectly proportioned if it divides in half at the leg break, but we all know that there's no such thing as a 'perfect body'.

The Petite Pear has legs shorter than her body. 

If the legs can be made to look longer it will visually bring the body into proportion, consequently you will look taller and slimmer.

How to make your legs look longer

In this image the legs are all the same length but you can see how easy it is to influence the eye with color.

Where the color is taken right up to under the bust it appears to make the legs look considerably longer. So a high waist in a dark color would have this effect.  

All one color from top to toe has an even better effect of streamlining the figure.

The cut and shape of your clothes will always influence the eye to shape your body.

Style tips for a Petite Pear Shape

Initially take the basic styling tips for a Pear shaped body which will balance your shoulders and hips.

Then look to balance top and bottom halves of your vertical body to streeeeetch your legs!

I recently tried both of these jumpsuits, what a difference in the fit for my body shape. I am a Petite Pear and I'm very fussy about fit because it makes such a difference to your shape visually. Once you know what to look for then you can ensure that you get a good fit too and look your best.  

I'm sure you can guess which one I bought!



  • Good shoulder fit is important
  • Higher waist will lengthen the legs
  • Soft fabric flows over curves
  • Straight wide legs fall skim thighs
  • Top to toe color add height
  • Full length streamlines height
  • Avoid puff sleeves which widen
  • Lower waist will shorten the legs
  • Firmer fabric is too tailored
  • Tapered in legs emphasize thighs
  • Extra fabric/gathers add bulk
  • 7/8 length shorten leg length

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