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by Ann

Hi Pamela

I've read all the style types on your site and come to the conclusion that my style is Romantic. I do dress similar to Jane Seymour but I haven't fully grasped how to pull it all together. Can you give me some tips on jewelry, makeup and such? Thank you

Hi Ann

The most important element in personal style is the ability to recognize your taste and what you like!

Pulling it altogether is about staying true to the elements you've identified as 'romantic' or 'feminine'. These are just words of course, you won't really float around looking 'Romantic' all the time.

What you've identified is that you don't 'do' crisp tailoring or bright garish colorways.

I know you have Muted coloring and the combination of soft colors and soft shapes are the key features you will always feel comfortable with.

Re-creating your natural coloring and shapes in your clothes and makeup brings everything together. Stay true to the same elements throughout; a softly draped blouse; the shape of your neckline repeated with a delicate necklace; a dress that softly flows worn with an elegant shoe; your coat might be a wrap or cape rather than a buttoned up military style.

Looking put together has a lot to do with grooming so that everyone is drawn to your face initially. Then repeat and link the colors through; repeat your eye or hair color in your outfit to 'connect'; repeat a belt color with a bag; use nail color but always tell the same story throughout.

I love your Style from Amazon is a great source for inspiration.

Hope that helps.

kind regards

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