Is there more than one "right" effect of your best colors?

by Jessica


I get comments that a certain color gives my appearance a "soft focus" effect. It sounds great, since soft focus is often used in photographs to enhance beauty, but aren't your best colors supposed to give you more focus instead of less? What effect(s) should we be looking for? If it helps to know, the soft focus color is close to my skin tone while the other colors I get compliments in are much more vivid.

Thanks for your thoughts on this!


Hi Jessica

Yes there is more than one effect you can get from your colors.

You obviously know your Color Family, whether it's Tonal or Seasonal, and hopefully you will have been given a wide range of colors all sharing the same color characteristics as your own.

Look at your natural coloring and decide where you sit within the whole color palette. Is your coloring lighter or deeper? Is it bright or soft? (as I show in the photos above) It is these questions which show you the colors that will flatter you best and the level of contrast that will do you justice.

If a color is too bright or the contrast level too strong, then your outfit will overpower.

If a color is too muted or the contrast level too dull it will flatten your complexion.

You can, of course, create the look you want to achieve too - more subdued and professional or a bright and breezy holiday look.

I don't know your coloring but you appear to be getting plenty of compliments so you're obviously doing something right!

However, if you are disappearing into a color (soft focus) then I would suggest introducing something to create a bit more contrast - earrings, a necklace, slightly brighter makeup - if this makes a difference it means that you are responding to a stronger contrast. i.e. combining lighter/deeper, soft/strong colors together.

In the Color Analysis Swatches that I offer on this site there are details about how to combine your neutrals and accent colors to the best contrast levels.

You should always of course follow your instincts and choose according to mood and occasion.

Really hope this helps,

kind regards

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