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Hello - I'm a petite apple shape with broad shoulders and heavy upper arms and am looking for the right trouser type to pair with a tunic top that ends about an inch above the knee. Have worn it a couple of times with leggings but it looks very disproportionate.


Hi Geetha

What a lovely photograph. I know little to nothing about Indian clothes, so feminine and graceful, but proportions are the same all over the world!

Although you don't look out of proportion in this photo I completely understand what you mean because when you're petite it's all about the overall silhouette and as I'm 5 ft 2" as well I know all too well.

You are doing everything right at the top of your body by not emphasising your shoulders or bust. A V neck and soft fabric keeps bulk to an absolute minimum and the tunic is very pretty.

Two points - you need to show off your slimmest point otherwise you look the same width all the way down and a top heavy or Petite Apple Shape needs to lengthen the bottom half of her figure.

So the choice of tunic is paramount. Choose one that shapes in under the bust to show off a slim point high on your figure - this keeps the top of your figure as neat as possible and the interest high. From that point down to the ground you want to streamline as much as possible to lengthen the bottom half.

This pink tunic appears to have a bit of flow which helps to balance your shoulder width and you could even wear wider trousers that flow too if you're comfortable with that style.

If there is a flow to the tunic then you can wear it longer if it's straight then it will help to keep it shorter, this will help the proportions.

Matching your trousers to your tunic will also streamline the color from top to toe making you look taller or deeper toned trousers will keep the eye interest higher too.

Play with proportions in front of the mirror. Pull the pink tunic in slightly below the bust, turn up the hem slightly, try on with wider trousers. There will probably be a big difference to the way your silhouette plays out.

Hope this helps Geetha.

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kind regards

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