I'm Spring do I flow into any other Season?

by Laurel


I am a Spring and it really makes sense to me. I've tried taking several self analysis quizzes and could never choose what my dominant quality was Warm,Light or Clear. The fact that I am all three makes such a lot of sense!

My question is...Do I flow into any other season?


Hi Laurel

You really do fit perfectly well into the Spring season so you don't have to worry about 'flowing' anywhere! I don't believe that any kind of flow system is necessary because unless you're a true Season then you're really not a Season at all.

Both Seasonal and Tonal Color Analysis work perfectly well together and if you don't easily fit into one system then the other will undoubtedly work. Check out my explanation about Flow Seasonal Color Analysis.

You're a Spring and you couldn't possibly flow into Summer or Winter because you are Warm and those two are Cool. You couldn't possibly flow into Autumn because that is Deep and Muted and you are Light and Bright.

You are LIGHT, BRIGHT, and WARM, so feel free to dip your toe into those Tonal Color Families because you have something in common with them all. Your own vibrant shades will work with them but will always be your best.

kind regards

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