I can't figure out my season.

by Veianna


I can't figure out my season. I have both warm and cool undertone and have hazel eyes but not brown more on the green side. I can wear my hair really blonde or go to a dark Auburn and look great, I am starting over I shaved my hair I am starting a new wardrobe. How I look is very Important to me ..... I neglected it for 2 yrs. But now I AM READY TO START AGAIN. Thank you for all your help


For whatever reason you neglected yourself, Congratulations on getting back a new lease of life!

Don't worry too much about finding your Season because it is a bit restrictive and it sounds as though you know several colors which make you look good already. Take a look at how to find your own Tonal Color Family> as it gives more flexibility.

If you need more individual advice then I offer an inexpensive online service for Personal Color Analysis which may be the next step for you.

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