How does bust position affect bodyshape?

by Ing-Marie

Hi Pamela

I have another question about bodyshape and bust position.

1. Measuring without a bra my breasts lay flat on my chest, measuring about the same as my tummy i.e. waist. Adding those measurements in bodyshape quizzes usually says I'm an Apple.

2. Alternatively measuring as one should do:
that is with a bra, the bust is lifted up and my bodyshape seems to change for the better.

Now I suddenly have a "waist" and dressed in, for instance, a bathing suit my hips-thighline is rather curving too. I don't look an Apple at all, more like a Cello or Vase, or like a full 8 or Full Hourglass.

So how do you decide bodyshape?

1. As God has made you?
2. With bra and other tightfitting clothes?

Hello Ing-Marie

Actually although that's an unusual question, it's actually quite a good one!

Your Body Type is determined by your bone structure and it never changes apart from a certain amount of deterioration in the body frame as we age. There are only 5 generic body types which look at the relationship between shoulders and hips.

So with or without clothes your body type is determined by nature.

Your body shape, however, is unique and will of course change as we age and gain weight or muscle tone relaxes.

A good bra is always of prime importance, particularly if you have large breasts. It supports and protects muscle tone enabling us to be active as well as providing comfort, helping to improve posture and certainly introduces a more youthful appearance.

As we get older foundationwear supports ageing muscles, helps to maintain posture and again comfort is a big factor.

Well fitted Underwear or Shapewear will naturally provide you with your current body shape but correctly supported as your younger self would have been. Plus, a good foundation will always allow your clothes to look their best.

So of course assess your current body shape with good foundationwear and particularly a good bra, enjoy finding your waist and making the most of your figure.

If you have any fit problems with particular parts of your figure, take a look at how to dress your own shape. You will find styling tips for every part of the body.

kind regards


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