How can I brighten my Cool toned hair?

by Veianna


I'm Cool, have mid brown short hair but would like to color it / brighten it up for the Summer. Any suggestions please?


Hi Veianna

As you have Cool coloring - wearing colors with a Warm or yellow undertone will throw the natural coloring of your complexion and can make you look tired, even ill. So it's the same with your hair color.

There's no reason at all why you shouldn't color your hair, but keep it to Cool / ashey tones that will flatter your skin tone and avoid anything with yellow or warm tones, caramel, golden blonde etc.

Highlights and lowlights are usually the best choice for Cool brown hair as a solid color can look very heavy and drain you - also roots will show very quickly and you spoil the effect.

As your hair is short I have included a couple of photos above where you can see highlights are kept to ash tones. Hairdressers are notoriously keen to put Warm tones into hair - stand your ground!

Changing your hair color can have a dramatic effect on your skin tone, check out Changing your Hair Color to see how hair and skin tone work together.

kind regards

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