Head height vs total body height?

by Ing-Marie


I wonder if the head size compared to body length has anything to say concerning what style type a person is. With style type I mean: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine and mixtures of those.

Have read that males' heads are - ideally an 8th of the whole length and that a woman's head should be a 7th of her body length.

Myself I do not fit in there. My head is large, circumference 58 centimetres and most hats and caps are too small, with 57, 56 centimetres.

And when I measured head vertically compared to my total length,170 cm or 5'7", I was surprised
to see that my head's height was only one Sixth.

I feel like I am short, but as 170 cm 5'7" sites about style claim this is Tall!! Is it because of my body's relative shortness that I feel short all over??

So, has this quota any bearing to what style type ??

Hi Ing-Marie

First of all I really don't think that head size or size of any description has any influence over personality and style sense. We're all different and what is supposedly the 'norm' doesn't really exist.

So that's the last thing you should worry about. The overall impression is what matters most and how you feel about yourself.

You are certainly a good height and many of us shorter women would envy you so make the most of it.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Which part of your body if any would you like to change if you could because it's possible to visually influence the eye considerably with what you wear.

Take a look at how to balance your Vertical Body Shape and focus on the overall silhouette of your figure and your torso/leg balance.

Perhaps there is a particular part of your body that you would like to change if you could! Then take a look at how to Dress for your Body Shape and choose the shapes that will be most flattering.

If you are carrying a little extra weight this could make you feel heavier all over particularly now that we'll all be wearing more layers and winter weight clothes. If this is the case it's an area you could focus on and benefit your health generally and your overall fitness. Your clothes will hang better and you'll feel more positive about yourself.

I have to say that I am barely 5ft 2" and if I am down to my 'fighting weight' then I feel taller. A few extra pounds and I feel heavy and bigger all over. That's just me but it shows that it's how you feel about yourself that is the most important issue.

kind regards

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