Hair is not working with my skin tone!

by Eleanor


I’m really having problems managing the color of my hair as it doesn’t seem to be working with my Autumn skin tone. If I use Blonde or Dark Blonde it fades quickly and when it turns lighter blonde/beige I feel it’s too nondescript. If I use a mix of blonde and light brown then initially it’s quite dark and feels overpowering.

Due to sensitive skin, I can’t use certain colorants and had to stop color treatments at the hairdressers. It would make a big difference to me if I could feel happier with my hair color.


Hello Eleanor

When Autumn hair turns grey it’s not the delicate silver of the cool complexion. You said ‘steel grey’ but I suspect that it is a warm grey and that tends to drain the warmth from your face. To look your best I recommend that you replace color so that you don’t lose the dominant natural Warm characteristic.

We’re constantly told to go lighter rather than darker as we get older but, in your case, I would advise you to try to get nearer to the color of your youth. A mid brown with copper tones (not a flat colour) would bring your skin into balance and the Autumn colors would be so complementary!

Take a look at how Hair and Skin Tones work together and you’ll probably recognize the sort of differences you’re identifying.

I think the main problem is that because of sensitivities you are using home colorants which always contain far more peroxide than professional products. The result is that yellow tones become more prominent and also you're ending up with a flat tone. To get a natural effect, a good hairdresser will always recommend using 2 or 3 different shades of high or lowlights.

Approach a really good hairdresser for a consultation – explain about your allergies, the effect you’d like to achieve and see what they recommend. Perhaps even take a photograph with you.

Find someone you trust and, although it may take a bit of trial and error, with a bit of patience I feel sure you’ll solve your color problem. Good luck.

best regards

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