I am having trouble figuring out what my color analysis truly is. For the most part, I match some type of Winter but not completely. Here is a breakdown of my features:

*Skin -- Fair skin, blue veins, mostly burns in sun but sometimes gets a slight tan. I do not get a dark tan.

*Hair -- Medium to dark brown, no gold or red undertones. Sometimes appears black in photos.

*Eyes -- Hazel. Sometimes they appear completely brown, sometimes reddish, sometimes more amber or gold, rarely they appear completely olive green.
Only the center of my iris is brown, the rest is hazel, limbal rings (the edge of the iris) are thick greyish-blue.

I tend to look best in silver jewelry, but some shades of gold are fine; however with eyeshadow, gold or green looks best. I look better in neutrals like black or grey but look awful in camel or khaki. I am not compatible with many shades of pink either. Blue is much more forgiving.

Where exactly do I fall in the color seasons spectrum? I appreciate your time and attention.


Hi there

Thank you for your contact and you have obviously looked quite closely into the Seasonal colorings.

Sorry but I'm unable to give Color Analysis on this page. I do spend a great deal of time when I do an analysis and it's a paid service. Take a look at Online Color Analysis. It's certainly worth the investment to find a color direction.

If this is not possible then take a look at the Tonal color families as well as the Seasons.

I'm not a fan of breaking the Seasons down into the different elements because you need to have 3 specific characteristics present to make you a Season. i.e. Winter is a mix of Cool, Bright and Deep as you see above. If you were to be determined Cool Winter for example, it could mean that you lean more strongly towards the Cool color family.

But also trust your eye, you seem to be very aware of what you feel good in and that's ultimately what it's all about.

Good luck and kind regards

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