Flabby arms

by Alpa

Dresses to minimize upper arms

Dresses to minimize upper arms


I'm 46 years fatty. I am fond of sleeveless dress. But I feel hesitant considering my flabby arms. Please advise me suitably.


Hello Alpa

There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have the freedom to keep cool and look attractive in sleeveless dresses.

But, like many of us, if you are less than confident about your upper arms just take a little more care when choosing your style.

1. Always choose wide shoulder straps on your dress - thin spaghetti straps will make your arms look bigger.

2. Choose a drop shoulder going into almost a cap sleeve - you have the sleeveless look but by widening the look of the shoulder the upper arm is minimized.

3. A V neck with a cap sleeve is perfect.

4. A very loose sleeve gives you freedom of movement exactly like a sleeveless dress but with a little disguise.

I've put a few pictures above which might give you some ideas from Simply Be Online

Check out my article about Upper Arms to see more.

I hope these tips help you to feel more confident.

kind regards

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