Doubts about my Color Analysis

by Anne
(Reddick, FL USA)


A few years back, my color 1 analyst put me in 'muted.' However, as a green eyed redhead (eyes are dark blue outer ring with amber inner with ginger hair), most would put me in autumn. I'm confused on which to apply?

My hairs a bit brighter now than in this pic.



Hello Anne

Thanks for being in touch. Always sad when you've paid for a consultation and you don't feel as though it's correct. Initially one tends to take the Consultant's advice but it takes time to question the information and realize that you're not feeling comfortable.

Muted coloring is rich and blended and looks fabulous in classic neutrals - but terrible in black!

You look as though you can wear black well and your coloring is quite vivid.

Afraid I can't give you a definitive answer on here as it takes time and lots more information.

I would encourage you to look at all the different Color Families both and Tonal again and see where you feel you might fit.

Alternatively, contact me for a Personal Color Analysis for individual advice.

kind regards

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