Dark hair am I Deep?

by Stella


I have dark hair does that mean my coloring is Deep?


Hello Stella

We are all very individual in our genetic makeup and everyone with dark hair is not automatically Deep. We each have quite a complex mix of color characteristics that give us our color direction.

If you look at the images above, each of the ladies is a different color family.

First of all your dark hair might have warm tones or cool tones; your skin tone could be fair or deep, warm or cool; your eyes could be any color, they may show signs of being warm or cool. All of these different color characteristics will influence your color direction and dictate the shades that flatter you most.

Why not start with the Free Color Analysis Quiz and see if you agree with the results. You can always check out the Color Families further to see if your own coloring fits.

If you want a more indepth and professional Color Analysis you can access the questionnaire on the Personal Color Analysis page.

Good luck and best regards


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