You have COOL tonal coloring

COOL tonal coloring means that you have a BLUE undertone
and belong to the COOL color family

You have COOL tonal coloring.

A blue undertone gives you a pink or rosy tone to your skin.

Your eyes will be Blue, Grey Blue, Green or Grey Brown - always with a grey cast and usually with a slightly darker rim around the iris.

Your hair is Light to Medium Ash Brown. 

Lighter toned hair will grey to a delightful Silver, deeper toned hair will turn a Steel Grey

To look your best...

  • you should always choose colors from the COOL color family
  • COOL shades have the same undertone as your own and echo your own natural coloring
  • wearing colors from your own Color Family creates harmony and balance
  • When you wear COOL shades you will always look your most ATTRACTIVE!
  • All the shades in the COOL Color Family work together to create a co-ordinated wardrobe. 
  • The COOL Color Swatch includes most of the SUMMER and WINTER colors.

Your prettiest colors are...

  • All Blues from pastel through to Royal Blue
  • Blue Greens and Jade
  • Lavender and Cool Purple
  • Blue toned pinks - pastel through to Shocking!
  • Magenta and Plum
  • Blue toned reds

Your best neutrals are...

  • Navy, elegant Taupe and Cocoa
  • Light silver grey and Medium true grey

Neutrals will always...

form the backbone of your wardrobe - the investment pieces such as coats, jackets, trousers etc. shoes and bag, which will take you from season to season. Your brighter and lighter colors will co-ordinate with these basic garments.

How to visualize your colors...

It can be difficult to visualize how the colors from your swatch come together in an outfit.

If you'd like some real visual inspiration, take a look at a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses which bring your Color Swatch to life from Kettlewell Colours.

They are presented in sections for Summer and Winter but these colors are all Cool even if some are soft and some are stronger.

If you don't know the best colors for you there's lots of information in the Cool Color Brief or on the Cool color swatch. Understanding is the key!

But there's really no reason why you can't wear and enjoy them all according to your mood and occasion.

Winter colors from Kettlewell #coloranalysis

Makeup and hair suggestions...

  • Choose makeup tones with a blue undertone
  • Choose foundation to perfectly match your foundation - probably with a slight pink tone.
  • Add color and drama with dusky blue, soft burgundy or purple, deep sea green
  • Rose pink or raspberry lip color through to plum or damson with natural to pink toned blusher
  • Fair skin - choose lighter shades; deeper toned skin choose stronger shades.
Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family

Your hair is naturally ash to complement your skin tone. Although there will inevitably be some warm/red tones they should be played down so don't be persuaded to add in extra warm tones. Choose ash browns or ash blonde highlights.

Some familar faces with COOL tonal coloring...

Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family

All you need to enjoy your COOL colors...

Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family  #color analysis books

The COOL Color Brief £3.00

The Cool Color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying your own Color Family - colors, makeup, hair etc.  

15 pages of information including DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be on your Iphone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family  #color analysis books

The TONAL Color Brief £6.00

Like to know more about Tonal Color Analysis? I show you an easy way to confirm your Color Family.

There are 45 colors for each Color Family - 60 pages in all.

Of course this isn't the equivalent of a professional Color Analsis but it's a concise reference to anyone interested in the subject - and comprehensive enough to be the starting point into the magical world of color.

Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family  #color analysis swatch

COOL color swatch £38.50

45 fabulous fabric shades with a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

It's impossible to carry a shade in your head so a color fan is perfect for shopping/wardrobe planning. No more mistakes saving TIME and MONEY!

In the UK? Please use this button to purchase, p & p £1.95

Outside the UK? Please use this button to purchase, p & p £5.45

Cool red for Valentine's Day

Your reds have a Blue undertone - Scarlet, Crimson, Blue Red, Burgundy and the beautiful Berry shades.

Avoid pillar box red and anything with an orange tone. 

Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family
Cool tonal coloring #Cool color family  #color analysis swatch

The Free Color Analysis Quiz is a good guide
BUT if you'd like an indepth professional analysis choose Online Color Analysis for just £65.00

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