You have COOL tonal coloring

Your primary color characteristic is COOL which means that you belong to the COOL color family

Cool tonal coloring #coolcolors #coolskin #coloranalysis
  • A COOL undertone is, strangely, a Blue undertone and you are likely to feel an instinctive affinity with this palette
  • Your skin may be fair through to mid or deep beige but you will always have a pink tone to your complexion
  • Your eyes will be Blue, Gray Blue or Gray Brown always with a slight gray cast.  Or a beautiful clear Green is also Cool. Mostly eyes will have a deeper rim around the iris
  • Your hair is Light to Medium Ash Brown, sometimes even deeper
  • All the shades in this palette have the same characteristics as your own and will harmonize with and complement your coloring and complexion.

Your best colors

You will probably feel an affinity with your new Color Family or, at least, with some of the colors because your natural coloring and your instincts are connected.

Wearing these colors will allow you to look your best and avoid wasting money on clothes that don't do you justice. 

Cool tonal coloring #coolcolors #coolskin #coloranalysis

Carrying colors in your head is difficult and a Color Swatch makes organizing a breeze and shopping a pleasure. Your choice won't be limited, on the contrary, between each color there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

Why you should choose to wear COOL colors

  • COOL shades include all blues from pastel through to Royal blue
  • Blue greens and jade; lavender and cool purple
  • Blue toned pinks, pastel through to Shocking pink
  • Magenta, plum and blue toned reds

  • All these colors have the same undertone as your own
  • Wearing these colors echoes your own coloring creating harmony and balance
  • This harmony allows your coloring to shine and you will look your best
  • You can use this color palette to create a a co-ordinated wardrobe 
  • The COOL color palette includes includes just the TRUE COOL shades from both SUMMER and WINTER

Some familiar faces with COOL tonal coloring

Cool tonal coloring #coolcolors #coolskin #coloranalysis

Your Neutrals

  • Neutrals form the backbone of your wardrobe - the investment pieces such as coats jackets, trousers etc. which take you from season to season
  • These colors are great for accessories too
  • Neutrals create the perfect foil for your strong accent colors
  • Your best neutrals are all COOL, navy and all shades of cool gray, cool taupe and cocoa pictured above
  • Your best lights neutrals are white, off white and bright ivory
  • Black is in your palette and a useful neutral but it can be quite harsh against your complexion particularly if you are fair, so keep it away from your face
  • Avoid cream and most shades of brown as they have a Warm undertone and may 'throw' your complexion and make you look yellow

How to wear your COOL colors

It's difficult to visualize how an outfit should look. But your primary consideration is a COOL undertone. You can wear and enjoy all the colors in the COOL color palette. 

If your coloring is fair you may lean towards the lighter shades and look your best in some of the soft tones from the Summer palette.

Cool tonal coloring #coolcolors #coolskin #coloranalysis

COOL shades from Summer at Kettlewell Colours

If your coloring is slightly stronger you may prefer the more intense contrast from some of the colors in the WINTER palette.  

Cool tonal coloring #coolcolors #coolskin #coloranalysis

COOL shades from Winter at Kettlewell Colours

Makeup Hair and Jewelry

  • Choose makeup tones to tone with your color palette, all have a Cool undertone
  • Foundation should match your complexion, probably with a slight pink tone.
  • Natural eye shadow colors like taupe and gray to shape rather than heavy color
  • Add color and drama with dusky blue, soft burgundy or purple, deep sea green
  • Rose pink or raspberry lip color through to plum or damson with natural to pink toned blusher
  • Fair skin - choose lighter shades; deeper toned skin choose stronger shades
  • Your hair is naturally ash to complement yor skin tone although there are inevitably the odd red tones which should be played down
  • For highlights choose ash brown or ash blonde
  • Silver jewelry is far more flattering than gold, or wear beautiful white pearls

All you need to wear and enjoy your COOL colors

Color analysis COOL - #Coolcolors #coolcoloranalysis

The COOL Color Brief £3.00

Ready to download and print with all the information you need to wear and enjoy your Color Family - colors, makeup hair etc.

15 pages of information includes FREE DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be on your Iphone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

Color analysis COOL - #Coolcolors #coolcoloranalysis

The TONAL Color Brief £9.00
6 Tonal color families/swatches for the price of 3

You'll discover an easy wasy to identify your colors along with a concise and comprehensive reference to Tonal Color Analysis. 

A starting point into the magical world of Color!

There are 60 pages in all with 45 colors for each Color Family - ready to download and print.

Color analysis COOL - #Coolcolors #coolcoloranalysis

COOL swatch £38.50

45 fabulous shades in an attractive suedette covered fan, handbag size 12.5 x 6.5 cm. With a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

No more mistakes - save TIME and MONEY!

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