Colour analysis' conflicting advice

by Helen
(Australia )

Autumn v Winter colors

Autumn v Winter colors


I have “had my colours done” twice, one determine that I am a Winter and the other determining that I was an Autumn.

I went grey early and now I have very bright white hair, green eyes, tan well but can burn, my skin tone is fair to medium. I am confused now about what my season is as the colour of my hair is the culprit.



Hi Helen

Oh dear I do sympathize. My reply is on the assumption that both analysis' were recent.

First of all, Color Analysis is determined from your natural coloring so it's not the fault of your hair color! We all lose pigment as we age and it's perfectly possible to get a correct analysis.

There is a big difference between Autumn and Winter and it should be discernible. Unfortunately, I can't confirm anything for you from a brief description.

My initial suggestion would be to look carefully at what each consultant has given you to see if either color palette or explanation makes sense to you. Although some consultants of course do not give a written explanation.

Then I think you should approach each consultant and say you have a problem with understanding. Might they take another look or at least explain their reasons for the palette they settled on.

You have paid good money and deserve a good explanation.

I really hope you can sort it out.

kind regards

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