Color Family Confusion

by Ursula
(Pennsylvania )


I have blue eyes, natural dark blonde hair that I lighten, dark golden skin that tans fast, dark and easily. I look half dead in off white. Look gorgeous in bright whites which I prefer to wear a lot.

I have Autumn skin, clearly yellow/gold.

What do you do with Americans like me?
I am the blond in the picture.


Hi Ursula

What a lovely photograph. If you read through your letter you've already hit it on the head!

Go take a look at the Bright Color Family and see if anything resonates!

Your skin tone cannot actually be Autumn as such, but it probably leans towards Warm. If this is the case then the Warm shades will always be your best.

I don't normally suggest Color Families on here as I know nothing about you, but you've hit on all the pertinent points yourself!


kind regards


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