Color Analysis in Families

Have you ever wondered how it works for Color Analysis in Families?

Few of you will remember the Beverley Sisters - a singing act from long ago. They were blonde and glamorous and, throughout their lives, always dressed identically! Were you dressed like your sibling as a child? 

Color Analysis in families #coloranalysisfamilies

Although sisters or mothers and daughters may resemble each other, the gene pool is such that each natural coloring can be completely different.

I also think children know their own minds far more these days and like to express their own likes and dislikes! 

Color Analysis in families #coloranalysisfamilies

3 sisters...

Let's look at exactly how Color Analysis does work in families!

Today I say thank you to three lovely sisters from Norway who have allowed me to use their photos. They have a physical resemblance but each has very distinct coloring. One is Spring, one Warm and one Cool!   

I used to be concerned when analyzing sisters, almost as though I was getting away with doing half a job if they were the same, but in fact it rarely happens! 

All three sisters have blue eyes but there's a marked difference in hair and skin tone. Janne has red hair and a golden complexion. Margaret's coloring is also warm but softer with a deeper hair tone while Ingri has a pink toned complexion and cooler hair.

Whereas I know that even twins have different DNA and, therefore, can actually have different coloring! 

Color Analysis in families #coloranalysisfamilies
Color Analysis in families #coloranalysisfamilies, Margaret and Ingri - sisters with different coloring

How Color Analysis works online

Years ago when I worked face-to-face I would have said that was the only way. But since I've worked purely online I know that I do a far better job now than I did then. 

Several reasons: I never rush so have more time for things to click around in my mind; I have everyone's natural coloring, background, heritage, viewpoints etc. in front of me to which I can keep returning; I see what's happening in images; I have more than one photo which often shows skin tone in different lights; and I can explain fully exactly what is happening via the images I produce. Moreover the client sees what's happening and is assured that it's not just me 'telling' her what I think, it's what she can see! 

Seeing all the images gives us both time and opportunity to reflect on what is recorded. When you're face to face it's difficult to pin down what is seen at a particular time and to remember what has been said. The most important thing is that YOU are connected to a color palette that allows you to feel comfortable and to feel like YOU. And, remember, a color palette is never finite it's merely the beginning!

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