Clothing suggestions for cold weather

by Caroline
(Perrysburg, OH)

Hi Pamela,

I just found your site and I'm really enjoying it. I went to school close to where you live.

My question is this: what suggestions or resources do you have for clothing to wear during cold weather? I have a petite hourglass figure with (I think) Summer coloring and I can't seem to avoid the bulk. 😟

I read on your site that I should avoid bulk and draw attention to my figure with drapey fabrics. This is great when it's warm but I live in Ohio. I often feel "lost" in my bulky warm clothes but don't know what else to do.

Any suggestions would be great!


Hi Caroline

Good to hear from you and I'm so pleased you're enjoying the website. I'm not close to your school I'm afraid as I'm based in the UK - just the same town name!

We don't get the extremes of temperatures over here that you do in Ohio but I do feel the cold so it's a subject I've explored before! Plus I'm 5 ft 2 in so know how easy it is to feel over powered in bulky Winter clothes.

Take a look at my article '10 ways to look good in the Winter' where I've discussed how to choose the best fabrics, layering, boots, big coats, accessories etc.

With your Summer coloring I would suggest keeping lighter colors up high on your body to look taller. Choose a light and pretty colored snow coat, light colored fur hat and scarf etc. to bring the light to your face.

I also discuss how important it is to stay fit and healthy during the coldest months.

Hope this helps you to feel good and look good in your next cold weather snap.

kind regards

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