Classic v City Chic look

by Ing-Marie

Classic v City Chic

Classic v City Chic

Hey Pamela,

Classic and CityChic styles really look very alike to me.

What are the differences?


Hello Ing-Marie

All so-called 'Style Personalities' are just a loose way of describing the most generic 'looks. Some people will use a different terminology and have a different way of describing them.

This is the way I choose to define the two looks.

A Classic style personality is always beautifully turned out; her look timeless and always appropriate to the occasion. She'll choose quality investment pieces for wardrobe basics that will rarely date and form a look that can be trusted. She values quality and longevity mostly in neutral colors over brief fashion trends.

City Chic style or what I tend to call a European style personality takes the look up a notch! Classic styling to a degree but with a more elegant and upmarket vibe. Design and cut rather than utility.

Superb grooming and beautiful accessories put the look together for high end sophistication.

kind regards

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