Can I still wear white?

by Rose


I'm Cool but my best friend told me recently not to wear white anymore now I'm getting older. She said it was OK if broken up by a scarf or something. What do you think about wearing white without adornment? I love white - always have.


Hello Rose

Pure white is good for Cool skin tones and particularly so close to the face when it’s creating a bright accent or contrast against stronger colors. I would usually say that, unless you have strong coloring, wearing white by itself is probably best saved for holiday time when you have a bit of a tan and you’ll wear all your brightest tones more successfully. At other times you might have to apply more makeup to ensure that you’re not looking colorless.

But that's in the dreary old UK. You’re in Australia and in a warmer climate you have far more opportunities to enjoy wearing white.

I don’t think you should worry overmuch about the ‘age’ factor. I know you don’t wear makeup but you do have a good skin tone and lovely bright eyes. Perhaps your friend thinks it’s draining you of some of your natural color.

Be honest with yourself in the mirror – put on your white outfit and then try dressing it up just a little and see if it makes a difference. Do you look a little colorless? Does adding just ONE item make a difference? Try a statement necklace, silver, bright beads, a bracelet, earrings, a belt with detail - or ‘the scarf’.

There are lots of striking Cool colors to create contrast – purple, pink, jade green, cobalt blue – you’ll look fabulous in any of them.

Most importantly, it’s how you feel that counts. If white makes you feel as good as it always has in the past, you don’t need adornment just go ahead and enjoy the simple elegance.

Best regards

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