Can I be Warm and Cool?

by Judy


I have taken a couple of other tests and believe that I may be a Warm Spring. But feel that I also like cool colors. Powder pink and rose pinks. Can I be warm and cool?


Hi Judy

Well yes you can! There are several Color Families that have elements of both Warm and Cool.

If you're only looking at the Seasons then there are limitations because they only look at Warm and Cool. Spring and Autumn are Warm and Summer and Winter are Cool.

I believe you have to look at Spring as a whole anyway - that is Warm, Light and Bright - not at Warm Spring by itself as the color palette is way too limited.

Now if you take a look at Tonal Color Analysis you'll see that out of the 6 Tonal Color Families, there are 4 which have elements of both Warm and Cool.

If your primary characteristic, the initial impression you see in your natural coloring, is Light, Deep, Bright or Muted, you will find both Warm and Cool colors.

Hope this helps,

kind regards

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