Can I be Bright with Light hair?

by Cris


So do you know or have ever met one Bright person (you know, there is, light, deep, muted, bright, cool and warm) with dark eyes and natural light hair?

Because I`ve seen bright models light eyed and dark haired, not dark eyed and light haired. Just curious. Because this is my case, my eyes are hazel, they look greenzel or grayzel or brown, medium or deep, depending on the lighting - most people say bright green cat eyes and I was looking for the patterns (because the colors can`t help at all to figure it out.

I think they are warm but but they have a strange one, no petals, no crypts, no asztec sun... just few spokes (it can be a wintery thing, but I can`t be a cool winter or cool summer because they are warm, then I`m not pure cool. I know that eye pattern aren`t of interest but about the bright models with dark eyes and light hair?


Hi Cris

Yes I have. I did a wedding makeup for a gorgeous girl many years ago. She was naturally blonde with a tanned skin and her makeup had to be strong enough to balance her stunning coloring without looking heavy. Her skin tone took both warm shades and cool shades equally well.

Eye patterns and colors do count. Bright eyes are generally jewel-like and the first thing you will notice about a person.

Take a look at the Bright color family and see how happy you feel with the colors. It depends on the amount of contrast in your natural coloring and how your skin tone reacts against these pure colors.

There are no rigid rules about what colors you can wear and each of us is different. So you can't always follow 'the rules' you see on the written page - even on mine!

As I can only offer online color consultations, I encourage you to experiment yourself and have the confidence to trust your instincts.

However, if your skin leans strongly towards Warm or Cool you should look at the Spring color family. If your skin leans strongly towards Cool take a look at the Winter color family.

Look at photographs, see where you look and feel your best - that is what color should do for you.

Never let anyone dictate colors to you - they don't know how you feel.


kind regards


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