Can a person have Warm and Cool characteristics?

by Wendy


Hi. I just discovered your site. I have heard that a person can have "warm" and "cool". If they have blue eyes that is always a cool color, and if they have freckles or reddish hair, that is a warm color. Is it possible to be a bit of both?


Hi Wendy

Yes it is! Tonal Color Analysis has 6 color families - Warm, Cool, Light, Deep, Bright and Muted. Each of these families looks at the primary (most important) color characteristic.

If you are exclusively Warm then that's your family or if you are exclusively Cool then that's your color family.

However, if your primary characteristic is Light, Deep, Bright or Muted then the secondary characteristics merely point you to the most flattering shades within that color palette. All of these color families allow for a mix of characteristics which might mean that you have elements of both Warm and Cool.

Seasonal Color Analysis, however, works differently. Spring and Autumn are Warm, Summer and Winter are Cool. That's why, although the Seasonal color palettes are glorious if you fit into them, Seasonal Color Analysis does have it's limitations.

It is, therefore, easy to be wrongly determined.

Hope that helps,

kind regards

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