Bright or Muted coloring

by ceren

Spring colors are too intense for Leanne's gentle coloring

Spring colors are too intense for Leanne's gentle coloring


Hi there,

For a while, i have been reading about Seasonal Color Analysis and trying to understand it. The rules seem so strict to me. you should be either 100% muted or clear.

I downloaded an app called color grab. i upload my skin's, eyes', clothes' picture and learn their hue,saturation and value.

I realized i have %60 saturation and so do my clothes' colors.

Would you classify people into Winter or Spring even if they do not have high saturation?


Hi there Ceren

I think that many color consultations try to blind people with science which is very unhelpful.

Although my Color Analysis is based on color theory, much of it is visual because what really matters is how an individual actually reacts to a color palette.

So in other words I would never classify anyone into any color family unless I had visual evidence that the colors flattered them.

Although I don't measure intensity / saturation in that way, a really gentle natural coloring could be overwhelmed by the colors of Winter or Spring. They would therefore be categorized more suitably into the most flattering palette.

The other difference is that I use both Seasonal and Tonal Color Analysis which gives me far more flexibility to find the best palette for each and every person. Seasonal color alone can be limiting.

Hope that helps


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