Boots for Body Shape

by Carole


Are there tricks with shoes and boots that help or hinder body shapes?


Hi there

It's all about creating an overall shape just like dressing your body.

The more detail and design you have on your boots or shoes the more attention your feet will attract. So if you want to keep attention high on your body keep your footwear neat and smooth.

If you want to look taller or lengthen your legs create a column of color by matching shoes and hosiery to the hem of a skirt. Choose slightly pointed toes to lengthen the foot.

Long boots can reproduce this look if you keep them slim and uncluttered.

Heels will always make you look taller and generally slimmer as they help with posture. However, if you are petite 'killer heels' can sometimes look out of perspective and accentuate the fact that you are small in stature.

If you are tall then you can create a change of color to 'break' the line and shoes can be a little more detailed.

If you have wide feet you won't want them to attract attention so aim for a neat style that creates length rather than width. Color match hose to shoes or boots as well.

I hope that helps...

kind regards

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