Body shape

by Helen
(Boulder Colorado)


I'm 5'8.
Weigh 136.
Shoulders are 40".
Busthe & hips are 37.5 each.
Waist 30".
My butt is medium and my legs are slender with some muscle. I'm more of an athletic build. I didn't see this type on your sight. I know my shoulders make me almost like a triangle but I am curvy but not extremely so and I'm not busty I'm like a 36 B/C.

Any thoughts about my body type?

Thank you Helen


Hi Helen

The 5 Body Types are quite generic and by identifying the one closest to your own it will give you a starting point towards finding the most flattering shapes for your figure.

When we look at your basic body structure we look at the relationship between your shoulders and hips and as yours are pretty equal then you have good proportions. You also have a good height and overall I would say that you have an excellent figure.

We're not cut to a pattern and all of us will not perfectly fit into the body shape categories.

If there is a particular effect that you're trying to create or you have any problem areas that are difficult to fit, that is the area you should concentrate on.

For example, if you want to emphasise your curves, take a look at the tips for an Hourglass body shape and how you can show it to advantage.

However, a firm shoulder line is a hugely attractive asset and will often go hand in hand with the more tailored image of a Rectangular body shape.

Follow your instincts and personal taste to create the look and shape you feel most comfortable with.

Kind regards

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