Asian skin and Undertones (warm/cool, clear/soft, deep/light)

Asian skin warm or cool

Asian skin warm or cool


Do Asians count as the deep undertone sides or as the light undertone sides? Some of us tend to have more sun-kissed skin while others have more pale skin but all of us have dark hair and dark eyes. I simply can't tell, please help me.


I am so sorry this question hasn't been answered before.

When we talk about undertone we are looking to determine whether your skin tone is Warm or Cool.

What I think you are referring to is that some Asian skins will be fair while others have a stronger skin tone and yet are likely to have deep hair and eyes. How does this translate into different coloring?

It is often assumed that all Asian skin is Warm because there is often surface yellow. However, there can be a huge variance of skin tone and Asian skin can be warm, cool or neutral.

Eye color can vary and, as in every ethnicity, different skin tones will react differently to Warm or Cool shades, Bright or Muted and even Light and Deep.

The lady above had always felt she was putting on a sort of mask with warm makeup until she discovered that her skin tone was Cool. She now feels more like herself.

Draping with the different undertones via face-to-face Color Analysis is the best way to establish this or, as I offer with Online Color Analysis lots of images to show you how this works.

I hope this has answered your question.

kind regards

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Jan 11, 2024
She looks better on the left NEW
by: Anonymous

I actually think she looks far better on the left. It makes her look brighter and radiant, the colours on the right make her look grey and washed out. At the end of the day all this is subjective and still down to personal taste

Feb 13, 2022
Asian skin color
by: Pamela

Olive can be warm or cool but with that much yellow in your skin one would assume that your skintone leans towards warm. BUT there is no one-size-fits-all and surface complexion color doesn't always indicate the actual undertone.
It sounds as though you belong to the DEEP color family and can take both warm and cool tones as long as they have a heavy saturation of color.

Feb 05, 2022
Asian Skin Color: Olive
by: Aylin

I'm Asian, I have tan skin, and the vein test is inaccurate for my skin color. I have constantly been misdiagnosed as 'warm' or 'autumn' or 'winter'. Using the Color Grab app, my skin is 40% Red, 31% Green, and 29% Blue. Red and Green make yellow. So 71% yellow is in my skin color. With this much yellow and blue being stronger, I am olive skinned. With such, I found my best colors have a heavy dose of black in them. So dark maroon, dark brown, dark green, dark navy, dark teal, darkest olive, etc. Too bright colors, fluorescent green,fluorescent pink, etc. make me look detached or my head looks like its floating.

May 03, 2021

by: Pamela

Hi there - Yes she will be able to wear the lighter Cool colors too but these are her best. To get the best balance with her natural coloring I would suggest that the main part of her outfit should be in these deeper tones, she could add some lighter tones as an accent perhaps.

May 03, 2021
lighter cool colors


The visual is very helpful. However, I noticed that the color wheels contain only deep colors. Can this lady wear the lighter cool colors too?


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