A Soft, Gentle Winter

Dear Pamela,

There are those that swear there can be no such thing as a Soft or Gentle Winter; that they would have to be a very dark Summer.

But I seem able to wear black, and though the strength of Winter colours is often a wee bit overpowering, yet muted colours are generally quite horrible on me!

Some systems include a Soft Winter as viable, and from one of these, I quote: 'The gentle winter is darker in appearance than the summer but wears muted winter colours that have a soft look. She is overwhelmed in the strong, clear brights of winter'.

I would dearly like to know where, in your professional opinion, would a Soft Winter, if there is such a thing, be included in the Seasonal & Tonal Families that you have laid out on your site?

Thank you!

Hello there

You give me no name so I apologize for the lack of personalization!

I've never had a question phrased in quite this way! But Color Analysis should never be so restrictive that it prevents you finding your true best colors. There is always room for flexibility.

My immediate answer is to look at the Tonal color families as the Cool Color Family offers a medium intensity with true Cool colors; a sort of more vibrant Summer and a softer Winter. You will never find this tonal version using the Seasons alone.

If this doesn't work for you please Contact Me and I'm happy to look at it personally for you.

kind regards

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