Your Style 097 - November 2020

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

Hi there!

All change - Christmas store displays in abundance but suddenly we're back in lockdown!

BUT THEN just 5 minutes ago I heard news that we have a VACCINE - well 90%!!

My tone has changed and I feel quite tearful but of course elated. Early days, but when someone from the World Health Organization has a smile on his face then please God the end is in sight!

An elderly friend of mine listed the things that are wrong with the world and commented that all we needed now was for aliens to land! Such is the world of 2020 - but perhaps it will end with a miracle!

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

I feel privileged and grateful that I'm able to share my musings with you once more. Thanks for hanging in there with me and make sure you keep yourselves safe.       

Something for your menfolk today as I launch the Seasonal pages for Men's color.  There's a free quiz too making it really easy to decide his color direction. And better that you do it for him ladies - my husband just proved that he hadn't got a clue!!

I've ventured into videos this month too, great fun, although I hope my ability in that direction grows as time goes by! 

Color Analysis for Men

It's been quite a task this month as I've finalised a stack of features with information to simply explain and illustrate Seasonal Color Analysis direction for Men. 

More than that, I've formulated a FREE Color Analysis quiz so your menfolk can easily determine their Season.

You'll find it easy to do on their behalf and a special mens color swatch makes an excellent stocking filler. 

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle
Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

Flatter a large bust

Heavy or large bust? The very feminine attribute of breasts cause oh so many worries - too big or too small? One woman's assets are another woman's problem.

Often, the biggest problem is to dress attractively without appearing to be overtly sexy. So whether you want to enhance or camouflage your generous top half, a few styling tips can really help.

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

Color Analysis in Nature

Color Analysis in nature creates complete HARMONY! Wherever we look we can witness the most stunning and exquisite color palettes.

We have lots of amazingly scenic shots from the USA and it's these photos that really opened my eyes to the way Nature works.

Color in nature is purely organic, see how the rock structure, the trees, shrubs and flowers all work together to create a perfect color palette.

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

6 steps to wearing Autumn colors

Often the biggest problem after finding your color palette is knowing what to do next!

So I've put together a quick 6 steps of how to start wearing Autumn colors. If this is your color palette you will feel instinctively drawn to and comfortable with these rich burnished colors.

Not sure? Then take a slower look through these lovely colors and I bet you'll find something that rings a bell; perhaps the color of a t-shirt or a top that receives compliments.

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

50 shades of Gray

As we approach a new season, take a closer look at your neutrals. Gray is often one that's overlooked. Such a versatile color but it's often disregarded as dull!

Gray is the perfect color for basics in your Capsule Wardrobe. It's classic, classy and will give you lots of mix and match opportunities to create many different outfits whatever your color palette.

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

Low Fat High Fibre November - Veggie Chilli

Much as we love a beefy bowl of 'red' this alternative chilli makes a real change in rotation.

You won't miss the meat in taste or texture with the vegetables diced small and the deliciously filling lentil protein.   

It is, however, considerably quicker to throw together and feeds 6 big appetites, perfect to pop in the freezer for the cold days ahead. 

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

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Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle
Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

Your Color Analysis - Print it for posterity!

Let me present the lovely Nancy, an internet friend from the Netherlands.

I was privileged to analyze Nancy's colors recently and I use the word privileged because Nancy is a very stylish lady who publishes a fashion blog at Nancy's Fashion Style. She pulls together amazing outfits with an innate and instinctive use of color and yet she still had reservations over her color choices. 

What I was able to highlight and clearly show her was the comparison between one palette and another and the different effects on her complexion.

I have to say she was thrilled with her analysis and, very cleverly, she has printed out all the information I sent her, along with 20 images, so that she has a permanent record and an easy reference point. 

Thank you Nancy I shall pass this trick on to all my ladies.

Read what Nancy has to say at Nancy's Fashion Style. Look around and check out her style!

Style yourself confident November 2020 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorstyle

Enjoy whatever you celebrate and hold dear this month

love Pamela x

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