You are WINTER!

With a mix of 3 color characteristics
you're COOL DEEP and BRIGHT (Clear)

Everyone has a Seasonal color palette that's closest to their coloring!

BUT if you don't feel a fit with these colors try the Tonal Color Quiz where the color families have just ONE color characteristic. 

WINTER is...

WINTER colors are the boldest of all - strong and dramatic with icy tones for contrast - all needed to balance the strength of your natural coloring. 

The best colors for YOU are COOL with a blue undertone; DEEP saturation creates a strong bold contrast. These colors are also BRIGHT - not garish - just CLEAR nothing dulled down or dusky here! 

You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

Your natural coloring

  • Your complexion is always Cool. It could be fair through to olive/dark brown but always includes blue, red or rosy pinkish tones. If you have fair skin then your eyes will be bright and your hair deep.    
  • You are likely to feel an instinctive affinity with this bold and dramatic palette.  
  • Your eyes are always clear and strongly colored.  Deep Cool eyes will be strong blue, grey/blue, grey/green, hazel, brown with a grey rim even brown/black - there will usually be evidence of a grey rim around the iris. 
  • Your hair is always strongly colored and could be from mid to dark brown even black. If you have transitioned into grey from previously dark hair your eyebrows are likely to have retained the depth of color. 
  • There is always high contrast between your eyes, skin and hair colors. 

Your best colors

You will probably feel an affinity with your new Color Family or, at least, with some of the colors because your natural coloring and your instincts are connected.

Wearing these colors will allow you to look your best and avoid wasting money on clothes that don't do you justice. 

You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

Carrying colors in your head is difficult and a Color Swatch makes organizing a breeze and shopping a pleasure. Your choice won't be limited, on the contrary, between each color there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

Why you should wear WINTER colors

  • Wearing these colors echoes your own natural coloring creating harmony and balance
  • You will look healthier and more attractive and feel more confident both in yourself and your appearance 
  • The WINTER color palette is a glorious mix of DEEP COOL and BRIGHT (clear)  shades and really will bring you to LIFE! 
  • You can use this color palette to create a a co-ordinated wardrobe and streamline your life!
  • Your skin and eyes are always clearer when you wear colors that echo your natural coloring. A bloom will return to your cheeks, you'll look younger and more attractive.
You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

And how to recognize WINTER shades

  • All WINTER shades are COOL DEEP and BRIGHT with a blue undertone. 
  • They are dramatic and bold, strong colors with a high level of saturation to balance the intensity of your natural coloring. 
  • Choose white or bright ivory as your lightest neutral and team the clear cool colors with black or navy for high contrast.  
  • Stunning jewel shades of hot pink, sapphire and royal blues, strong emeralds and royal purple.  
  • In general you should avoid yellow tones as they can make you look sickly - the one yellow in the palette is a intensely saturated color which can be used in small splashes.     
  • All of these colors will allow your natural coloring to shine. 

Some familiar faces with WINTER coloring

You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

Your Neutrals

  • Neutrals form the backbone of your wardrobe - the investment pieces such as coats, jackets, trousers, a good dress, accessories etc. which take you from season to season
  • Neutrals create the perfect foil for your beautiful accent colors
  • Your best neutrals are strong and deep with a Cool undertone. Black forms the base and is your best neutral with deep navy, charcoal grey right through to an intense silver grey. Denim blue is considered a neutral and the deepest chocolate brown may be useful. All will create the strong contrast needed for your clear colors.  
  • You can successfully wear taupe, linen or silver grey as a Summer neutral. 
You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

How to wear your WINTER colors

You might have a WINTER palette but don't even begin to think about the months of the year! You can wear and enjoy your color palette all year round as the WINTER colors will always allow you to look your best! 

Rather than looking at the whole palette at once, look at one color at a time and I'll bet you find a few favourites in there - perhaps the color of a t-shirt or a jumper which always gets you compliments. This is reassuring - these are your colors!

So how to begin putting them together for an outfit? When you look at the images below you'll see that there is probably nothing different to the way you would normally wear your clothes. Over thinking can complicate - just enjoy!

You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

Makeup Hair and Jewelry

  • Makeup colors for WINTER coloring are strong and bold to echo your high contrast.  

  • FOUNDATION: Choose a COOL toned foundation with a touch of pink undertone. Test it carefully on the jawline so that it virtually disappears as it blends. Avoid a 'flat' beige which will flatten your cool coloring.  
  • LIPSTICK: Choose a strong toned lipstick - deep berry shades are usually best. Or at least a berry lip liner if you wish to use a slightly lighter shade. 
  • EYES: Use strong grey or deep taupe for shaping your eyes with ivory or silvery mauve highlighter. Add color with strong purple, deep green or burgundy. Black or at lest deep grey for eye pencil and always black mascara.
  • BLUSH: Try a deep toned rose blush, avoid russet tones. 
  • HAIR: Your hair is naturally deep and cool to complement your skin tone. You can successfully add burgundy highlights but if you lighten your hair too much you will lose the stunning contrast that makes your palette so special. 
  • JEWELRY: Silver jewelry is always preferable to gold, diamonds or sapphires are the perfect gemstones or choose beautiful white pearls.  

Click to see more about the WINTER Color Family

All you need to enjoy your WINTER Color Family

You are WINTER #wintercoloranalysis #wintercolors

WINTER Color Brief £4

The WINTER Color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying the WINTER Color Family.

With 30 colors, advice for makeup, hair, jewelry and glasses frames. It also comes with a printable color swatch so you can make it up into an mirror image of the fabric swatch.    

This is a digital product.

The Seasonal Color Brief  £12
(4 Seasons + 4 color swatches for the price of 3)

How to identify and discover your own 'best' Season - with all 4 Seasonal Color Briefs and 4 color swatches.

Spring Summer Autumn and Winter Seasons - 4 for the price of 3. 

For each Season you will discover how to wear and enjoy the colors, advice for makeup, hair, jewelry and glasses frames.

PLUS a 30 shade color swatch (33 for Autumn) ready to download and makeup into a mirror image of the fabric swatch.


WINTER color swatch £28.00

The Winter Season #Winter season #color analysis

The WINTER color fan holds 30 precision dyed fabric color swatches which fan out to show the whole range of harmonizing shades (shown in the square).

The fan is practical and easy to use, 12.5cm x 6.5cm, finished in a suede style cover and comes with a wealth of information about co-ordination, cosmetics, accessories etc. Don't think that your choice is now limited, between these colors there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

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