White and the Deep color palette

by Sandy Smith
(San Antonio, TX, USA)


I believe I belong to the Deep Tonal Color Family. I am not only Cool or Warm, but Neutral with my skin's undertone.

My friend thinks I have looked great in white in the past but I don't see white mentioned much as a neutral for any color families in general on the website. I did receive the Digital Color Brief for the Deep Tonal Color Family, and a White is included.

I wanted to clarify with you whether White is a neutral which can be used as well as ivory or cream, for example, in the Deep Tonal Color Family.

Please confirm for me. Thank you, Pamela.

Hi Sandy

Yes it is both black and white are in the Deep Color palette.

But, it's better used as a contrast rather than as a whole outfit. If you look at the DEEP Color Family you will see that it says:

"If you are Color Analysis DEEP, you will always look your best when you anchor your outfit on a DEEP shade - that is a deep or intense pigment.

This makes a strong connection with your dark coloring - whereas colors with a Light pigment will make you look washed out."

In other words, you can wear white by itself for example a white dress, but you may look washed out. However, black and white together create a really strong contrast, even better than black alone. See the pics of Victoria Beckham above.

kind regards

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