Which Winter am I?

by Joanie

Winter is always Deep, Cool and Bright

Winter is always Deep, Cool and Bright


I've known I was a winter since way back in the 80s before the cool, bright and deep categories. Is there a place where I can find questions that will help me figure out which I am.

Hi Joanie

That's great if you know your color direction and are completely happy with the Cool Bright and Deep that make up the Winter color palette.

Take a look at the Winter Season where I explain how these 3 color families work together to make the glorious Winter colors.

Once you break these 3 elements apart I don't believe that you are a true Winter - you can see my explanation about 12 Season Color Analysis - breaking the tonal elements apart merely pushes you into the Deep, Cool or Bright color families and not a Season at all.

So my advice would be that if you are happy with your color palette just enjoy it to the full. Whatever your color family every single shade won't be your best and it's usually mood and occasion which influence the colors you choose. You need sufficient colors in your swatch to enable you to experiment.

kind regards

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