Style? Can I combine Boho and Steampunk?

by Rivka
(Reno, NV, USA)

I know my colors or season. I am a summer and I love those colors on me. My issue is I am retired now and no longer need to present myself in the classic style. In fact, I have grown tired of it. So without filling my closet with a bunch of stuff I will never wear can you direct me to some sort of quiz that can help me out?

I find myself equally attracted to edgy steampunk and flowing floral sundresses - power and nature. I just need to find a way to bring it down to something workable.

Hello Rivka

What an interesting query. If your classic days are over you can just enjoy dressing up!

Summer colors are sublime when used with flowing floral sundresses and, although it seems a long way from steampunk, there's no reason why you can't bring them together to a degree.

Although we tend to think of industrial or military looks, there are different genres under the term Steampunk, gothic, Victorian, etc. and it can be quite glamorous too. So I suggest you take it slowly and discover the direction you love the best.

Take your ideal pretty flowing dress and add some edgy accessories. Steampunk jewelry can be quite victorian and very pretty, you might add leather or lace and a pretty bolero. Laced up boots would add another dimension. Absolutely no reason why you couldn't combine these two styles in your own way.

Sorry I can't direct you to a quiz but if you look for both these styles on the Internet and pick and choose the features from each that appeal you can mix and match.

Take a look at Creative Style, you might favor the style of Stevie Hicks or Helena Bonham Carter but in your own beautiful colors.

I'd love to see what kind of look you come up with. Perhaps you'd send me a photo Rivka.

Good luck and have lots of fun

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