Small breast size?
Enhance and appreciate it...

Small breast size? A few style tips will allow you to ENHANCE and APPRECIATE your neat figure.

The very feminine attribute of breasts cause oh so many worries! Too big or too small? One woman's assets are another woman's problem!

There are those women who want their breasts made smaller and others that want them enlarged.

Unfortunately, we get what we're given, we're all different shapes and sizes and there is nothing whatsoever the matter with the way you are, whatever shape that may be.

Charnos Bra to flatter small bust
Bra to flatter small bust After Eden

Amazon has a good range of comfortable and pretty bras to flatter a Small breast size. Left: Charnos Cherub and right: After Eden.

Make the most of it...

So, unless you're considering something pretty drastic, learn to make the best and the most of your neat bustline and learn to love the way you are!

A few style tips can work wonders!

Advantages to having a small breast size

  • a small bust is usually in proportion with a slight or slender frame
  • anything different would look out of balance
  • Clothes look better on your than your large breasted friends
  • you have a far larger selection of pretty bras and they're usually cheaper
  • you will never face the problem of backache
  • you can enjoy the clothes that really won't take a bra, strappy tops or a backless dress
  • a small chest will stay perkier as you age, heavy breasts tend to droop
  • there are many more women who consider large breasts to be a problem!

How to enhance small breast size...

  • get a well fitted bra, push up or nicely padded and rounded to give you an attractive silhouette. Make sure it's comfortable and supportive.
  • choose clothing styles that draw the eye and add volume - gathered yokes, blouson, ruched styles or loose shirt style
  • add interest to your top half with buttons, pockets, zip detail, or a low collar with pretty detail.
  • A printed fabric, floral, paisley or an interesting stripe will add bulk 
  • softly rounded, crew or shallow scoop are the most flattering necklines
  • A square or V-neckline will also add some width.
  • A sweetheart neckline will draw attention to your bust line and accentuate your cleavage.
  • Layer your clothing to add volume, cardigan, jacket, waistcoat, gilet, or wear the shirt open with a camisole or t-shirt underneath. 
  • Cosy up in textured knitwear in the colder weather


Swimwear can be a particular problem but there are solutions:

  • gel filled bikinis or swimwear give shape quickly and easily
  • add a cup or shaper to an existing bikini or swimsuit to further define the area


Avoid anything that is too big it will make you look smaller -  better to have something fitted with an extra jacket or blouse over the top.

Additional benefits...

As long as your body is in proportion, clothes will hang much more attractively on your frame than on your more voluptuous girlfriends. You are able to wear tightly fitting tops and pretty necklines that show a touch of cleavage.

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