Small boned frame versus Fat body

by Ing-Marie


I have read your entry on adapting clothing after bone frame.

Does this always apply?

Well, as a young woman, I was very slender and had a small bone frame. I guess bone frame does not change with age, or change if you add a lot of weight.

So, despite weighing nearly double now as I did when I was 25, I still have the same bone frame beneath all those kilograms and fat.

Should I adapt my clothing after my small bone frame or after the corpulent body that surrounds this frame?


Hello Ing-Marie

A good question! Yes your body frame is still the same even though you've gained weight.

And your Body Type is still the same - SHAPE NOT SIZE is what it's all about.

If you look at the images above you will see that each of the women shown have the same straight High Hip Shape even though their size varies considerably. So they will each need the same cut and shape of skirt to fit - but in a different size obviously.

Check up to find your own basic Body Type.

Your Hip Shape is the most important factor and take some time to understand why one shape will fit your body frame rather than another. Then go on to find which of the 5 Body Types you are closest to.

The style and cut that is recommended for each of the Body Types will relate whatever your size. But bear in mind that this information is generic and is only a starting point.

Millions of women wear the same dress size but each of our individual Body Shapes may be different. So addressing individual areas of your figure will allow you to Dress for your own Body Shape to create a look and fit that you're happy with.

So no you can't dress for a slender figure at the moment but by choosing the styles to flatter your generic Body Type and then addressing your own figure 'challenges' you will achieve the best fit possible.

Good luck
and kind regards

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Oct 22, 2015
by: Ing-Marie

Get sooo Mad! Reading this SPAM.
You take your Body Building stuff and
Stuff it! Hope Pamela removes your
ridiculous Advert!

P. Thanks for your support - quickly removed don't know how this stuff gets through!

Oct 03, 2015
Shape not size!
by: Pamela

Hi again: From your previous comments and this post, you appear to have a Straight Hip Line i.e. hip and thigh area are roughly the same. Don't worry about measuring - it's shape not size that matters when deciding this. Even when you're buying trousers or skirt, different manufacturers cut differently so sizes are not always uniform. Choose to fit and flatter your body to make yourself feel good. I've cut out size labels in the past if they've bothered me!

Sep 23, 2015
Boneframe and How Fat Spreads
by: Ing-Marie

My question this time:

Should you measure round the hip area
or round the pelvis area,
or the bottom area?

I can appreciate hips and bottom area are very much the same. At least on me?

Is pelvis area same as hip area?

Where can I find the border hip / bottom?

Some say: measure at the largest part of your body between Waist and where legs are beginning?

My "problem" is: measuring round lower abdomen/pelvis/hip area AND round where bottom are as widest --- will render me the same result!


A person who's pelvis/hip measurement is, for instance, 110 cm:s and who's result regarding the largest part of bottoms is also 110 cm:s.

Which should apply? Hip measurement or Bottom measurement?

Sep 22, 2015

by: Pamela

You've got it, the same bone structure is there. It's quite natural to put on some midriff weight as we approach middle age and slightly harder to get it off again. Remaining healthy and mobile are the most important things and of course feeling confident in yourself. If you need any further help please contact me again.


Sep 18, 2015
Style has taken important
by: Anonymous

Style has taken an important seat in our life. We have become more conscious about our looks. It can have a positive impact on our personality and career. It also helps in increasing our confidence level.

Aug 17, 2015
Experience of Hips
by: Ing-Marie

Thank you Pamela for your answer to my question about Small boned frame versus Fat body...

The idea of 2 different hip shapes is all new to me.

Myself, I have this experience of hip shape:

When young and slim, my waist was 18 cm smaller than my hips. So I used to be somewhat between a Pear and an Hourglass. I had almost no fat at all but was quite bony.

With my hand I could feel my hipbone protruding - so there was quite an abrupt line from waist to hip.

Nowadays, when I am fat, this line is no longer abrupt, but more slender. A soft transition between waist and hip.

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