The best Neutrals for Cool coloring

Can you identify the best Neutrals for Cool coloring?

It's easy to get excited about a Color Swatch and, certainly, the Cool color palette is very wide. 

But until you clarify your basic (almost boring) neutral shades, it's impossible to begin any kind of color co-ordination. 

In fact, this is the time when many people start to panic. You've got a delicious color swatch in your hand but have absolutely no idea where to start.

In the color circle to the right, you can see all the vivid and vibrant bright and light shades of the COOL color family. They all have a Blue undertone. 

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What you need first..

are what we call your Wardrobe Essentials.

These are  the items you reach for every day - a pair of trousers, a skirt, a jacket or coat. They form the backbone of your wardrobe and need to be in neutral colors so that you can mix and match them into lots of different outfits.

More importantly, they need to be COOL neutral colors so that there is complete co-ordination between the neutrals and the brights. 

Now you're ready to link them together to make outfits - and co-ordination begins!

Until you see how colors work...

it's difficult to visualize co-ordination.

The COOL fabric swatch includes your best version of all the neutral tones - as well as the beautiful bright shades that will bring you to life.

If your natural coloring is gentle you may prefer to wear the softer shades; if your coloring is stronger you might like the bolder colors. 

You can't match a color exactly and it's not necessary. You'll quickly learn to use your color swatch as a 'blending tool'. Your colors are never limited as there are literally thousands of shades between each one just like an artist's palette.

The best neutrals for COOL coloring have a BLUE undertone

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals


White is a great color for you - off white, soft white, bright ivory and pure white. It's the perfect choice for tops, tanks, shirts and blouses.

Worn close to the face it creates a brilliant contrast against all the bright Cool toned colors and the other neutrals. 

If your skin is extremely fair you might find that Pure White drains you a little so stay with Soft White.

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals


This is your best shade of Beige - almost a unbleached linen tone - and is your go-to beige for wardrobe basics particularly in the warmer months. 

Avoid any beige with a yellow undertone as it's not good against your complexion. anything with a yellow undertone - many beiges can be quite gingery. So aim for this almost grey tone - or 'Greige'.

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals


Elegant cocoa - almost a mink color. A beautiful soft tone which looks particularly rich in wool - so think cardigans and jackets, skirts, trousers, winter coat etc. 

Keep well away from the gingery browns as they will 'shout' against all the blue undertones of Cool colors. 

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals

Navy blue

Navy blue is a 'universal' color - that means there is a version to suit everyone.

You have a palette of blue undertones and navy blue is the perfect neutral to support all your colors.

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals

Blue grey

Blue grey is a softened greyed down version of Navy blue. 

It's almost the denim blue that we've come to rely on as a basic component of our wardrobes and harmonizes with just about everything.

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals

Light silver grey

This is a light and sophisticated color with a crisp blue undertone which will bring an elegance to the Cool colors. A Warm grey would 'fight' against the blue undertone.

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between a Warm or Cool grey initially - take a look at the different Shades of Grey to get the idea.

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals

Medium true grey

This is quite a professional looking shade of grey and would make an excellent base for a working capsule wardrobe.

You can dress it up and ring the changes very easily with your brighter colors and accessories. 

Neutrals for Cool coloring #color analysis #cool color family #neutrals

Charcoal grey

Charcoal grey is the deepest grey.  If you find black too heavy then charcoal will make an excellent base neutral for the colder months. 

This color lends itself perfectly to a warm wool flannel for a skirt, trousers or winter coat. 


You will often read that Cools should not wear black - but let's apply some common sense here. Don't wear Black next to your face if your skin is fair, but let's apply common sense here!  Black is something we all have in the wardrobe and it works well with all the Cool shades.

The basics of co-ordination...

This shows very simply how to introduce your brightest shades into the neutrals for cool coloring. Take what you have in the closet and slot some color in between... 

Neutrals for cool coloring #cool coloring #neutrals for cool very basic start to co-ordination

All you need to enjoy your COOL colors...

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The COOL Color Brief £3.00

The Cool Color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying your own Color Family - colors, makeup, hair etc.  

15 pages of information including DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be on your Iphone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

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The TONAL Color Brief £6.00

Like to know more about Tonal Color Analysis? I show you an easy way to confirm your Color Family.

There are 45 colors for each Color Family - 60 pages in all.

Of course this isn't the equivalent of a professional Color Analsis but it's a concise reference to anyone interested in the subject - and comprehensive enough to be the starting point into the magical world of color.

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The COOL color swatch £35.00 with FREE digital color swatch

45 fabulous fabric shades with a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

It's impossible to carry a shade in your head so a color fan is perfect for shopping/wardrobe planning. No more mistakes saving TIME and MONEY!

ALSO INCLUDED: When I acknowledge purchase of your swatch I will send you a FREE DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH so you can always have your colors to hand on your Ipad or phone.

In the UK? Please use this button to purchase, p & p £1.95

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