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Yes I'm Summer!

Thank you for your useful comments and suggestions on my colour profile. Yes, I am Summer! 

I have tried to update my wardrobe with a cloth colour that suits me best. Your analysis, letter, and materials are very helpful. 

The results of the Colour Analysis made me feel more confident in dressing up and going out. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to know their colour profile and have fabulous clothes for their skin tones. Pamela is very outstanding in this field! Cherry, Thailand

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"I appreciate the detail..."

I was happily surprised by the Analysis and would not have guessed that I'd turn out to be Autumn. I have to admit that the color palette always made me happiest but didn't think it would actually suit me because of how pale I am - but the pictures made sense.

Graduate school classes re-started so haven't had time to experiment but I now have a better idea of what will suit me as I prepare for internships/interviews. I really appreciate the detail in the images and especially the letter, really helpful for someone like me as I transition from "college student" to a more professional look. Kelsey, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"a detailed and elaborate analysis and explanation..."

Thank you so very much for the very detailed and elaborate Colour Analysis and explanation. My perception has been completely changed and I am now convinced that my colouring is actually a Cool Deep and I'll confidently wear my silver accessories!

Your work is wonderful and has helped me understand so much more about colouring. The comparisons between Warm and Cool are an eye opener. 

Once again thank you so much. Ashley, Singapore.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you for an excellent Color Analysis...

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you so much for an excellent colour analysis!

I understood very early that the Seasonal approach wasn't working for me and Tonal wasn't available. I went so far as to take Soft Summer and Soft Autumn and pull out all the matching colours then add the shades I favor in an attempt to personalize a color grouping. This evolved into mostly warm tones, except when I have a hankering for pink and blue!

The challenge now is to find neutrals that work with both warm and cool accent colors. Darragh, Canada

Pamela: Solved your dilemma Darragh. Warm Beige doesn't work well for you. I suggest you choose a cooler beige to flatter your coloring, then all the neutrals tone incredibly well with both cool and warm accents in the chintz patterns you love. This is your favorite design.   

"..worth it's weight in Autumnal brushed gold!"

I wished I were Autumn for a long time but thought with blue veins at the wrist (green up the forearm) and pinkish skin there was no way it could be so. I am drawn to those colors and the overall feeling they create, I thought "Since I love them maybe I should wear Autumn colors any way, even if they aren't technically my best" but I wanted to know the truth, even if it meant being a different season. As you say all color is glorious, I see beauty in every group but to learn that my favorite season is my season is an epiphany.  

Your system is ingenious, the detailed explanation and personalized visuals adds full confidence to your assessment. Using the 4 Seasons and Tonals to find the best fit is so smart.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I love what you write about not diluting a Season and agree that the smaller niche color groups in the 12-season system can add an unnecessary layer of difficulty. It's nearly impossible to find such specific shades. Your analysis is worth its weight in autumnal brushed gold. ;-) Eva, USA

"I wish I'd done it long ago.."

I have to admit, your Color Analysis has been very enlightening. It makes sense as I had a tendency to lean to these colors anyways BUT I had no idea why. I wish I had done this long ago, it certainly would have simplified colors and options.

I’m looking forward to getting the color swatches in the mail, a color/tonal guideline will be very helpful for me.

I am going to add a toner to my blonde highlights to cool the yellow down, hoping this will make my eyes a little more sparkly. I’ll let you know. ☺️

I appreciate you, your time and skill sets. Many thanks! Kayla, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..makes a lot of sense.."

Thank you very much for my colour analysis. It does make a lot of sense - I was previously told that I was an Autumn, 30 years ago!  

The detail is really interesting, I’ve only read it quickly but I’ll go through it again later today. 

I am wondering which of the fabric swatches I should buy. I’m not sure whether it should be a straightforward Summer or a Cool swatch. Jacky, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: The Summer swatch can sometimes seem a bit limiting whereas the Cool swatch gives a wider understanding of the shades. Just stick to the softest of the Cool.

" difficult to be objective..."

Thank you so much for the analysis, this looks great!

You definitely got it right. Looking at the colors I feel like I fit in with them and can pull them off very successfully. I was never really sure what my undertone was because of my hair and eyes, I always thought they were warm, but my skin would look red whenever I wore say, olive green. 

You're right about it being difficult to be objective about your coloring: I thought I was Bright, thank you for the image explaining that. Definitely send me the swatch, and of course you can use it for the testimonials page, thank you for asking. Kristen USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

"..a lightbulb moment!"

I can't tell you just how much this resonates with me.  I had pretty much figured out the Cool part but I kept trying to force myself into a season. 

When you said "no, just Cool" the lightbulb came on for me.  I've been so enjoying playing with the colors and starting to develop my eye to what works for me and what doesn't.  I've attached a couple of "after" photos you may want to consider and by all means, you have my permission. Christina, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

So happy with my Spring analysis...

So happy with my Spring analysis, it has confirmed that I wasn't too off with my own thoughts! I am naturally drawn to warm colours and yellow gold jewellery.

You have made it so much easier to understand with explanations and conclusions that make a lot of sense. I think you are right about the hair colour, I'm looking forward to changing it to a more flattering colour very soon and gradually replacing my wardrobe mistakes over time! I never was sure about that charcoal grey!

I now feel much more confident to buy things that will flatter me. Thank you so much for helping me. Wendy, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs can be based around neutrals with or without the brighter colors.

" from a place of creativity not anxiety..." happy with the wonderful and detailed analysis. With dark hair and eyes I always thought I was Winter or perhaps deep Autumn; but puzzled at not being able to wear Autumn cream/gold and the brightness/high contrast of Winter looked harsh.

When Pamela said that with a pink skintone and a softness to my brown eyes I suited Cool colours, everything fell into place. I would never have been able to determine this by myself.

Yesterday I wore one of my Cool color suggestions and felt really confident, I’ve also had cool highlights added and have sourced some cool makeup.  I will finally enjoy wearing 'my' colours after going round in circles for so long.

Realized that I often shop from a place of anxiety not creativity! Joanna UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

...made me feel special!

Pamela, your work is truly excellent.  I have enjoyed this.  It has made me feel very special. 

You have met all of my expectations and I am very sincerely grateful.

Thank you, Lynda, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Lady in red...

I have printed off and read everything and I am happy with the Winter season and the colours you suggested.   

Thank you so much for doing this for me, I have already ordered a blue shirt to try and will be wearing a red dress when I go out dancing on Saturday night,

I will order a Winter Fabric Swatch later today.  Ellen, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

The most thorough Color Analysis

Thank you so much for the beautifully detailed color analysis, you do a  wonderful job breaking down color theory into understandable terms and provide supporting visuals. This is the most thorough analysis I've ever received and I'm very happy with it.

In all honesty I've previously been told that I'm Spring (True Spring followed by Clear Spring) however the analyst used the 12 seasons which I hate, too overwhelming, and I much prefer your fabric swatch to a 'paint-swatch’ type.

Incidentally, I’ve also been told that I'm a Light Summer – but something was bothering me about those colors. I love your warm friendly approach.  Sue USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I have struggled...

Thank you so much. You are spot on. I have struggled with my own analysis believing I was a soft autumn confused by the fact that I knew I could wear orange colors well.

I believed I was soft and am still a little shy about calling attention to my self. Another issue I was having finding my colors was the degree of intensity. But you have cleared that up beautifully. I think my coloring comes from my maternal grandfather who was a redheaded Irish man. I can't thank you enough for your analysis. I can't wait to go shopping. I will be following your website closely.  You have certainly put a smile on my face. Rhinda, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Previously Autumn - but feel right as a Cool...

Thank you again for taking the time for my analysis and the long report.

Some of my clothes are in the Cool category but many are in Autumn colors. What to do? I have two real leather skirts in camel that I'd like to keep, also a long winter coat. Some of my clothes will go direct to the Red Cross but I need lots of clothes for the long winter. We had 20cm of snow 2 days ago and now -13 C in Helsinki - too cold for me. 

I agree that the Summer colors are too light and the Winters too strong. It is difficult to see myself as others see me and it has been very interesting to read everything.  Raili, Finland

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I'm holding my head up now...

Thank you for the thorough Color Analysis I was very pleased with how you go about it and analyzed me.

I had figured I was an Autumn of some type but being True autumn is very good for me to know, I wasn't sure if I was soft or deep and I had never heard about Tonal Analysis. Now I can move ahead with my colors and feel more confident in what I wear with my white hair, I sure didn't like me with the blonde on the photo you tried! I have had trouble accepting my hair thinking it makes me look older though but I am holding my head up high anyways.

Regarding contrast levels: is it best for me to wear medium or high contrast colors together? Louise, Australia

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela says: Louise's contrast is actually more defined with her stunning white hair.

Ready for a 'pop' of bright...

Juliette from the USA: Thank you so much for your in depth analysis - it makes a lot of sense and I'm actually really excited!

I've always loved bright colors but living in a city for so long made it more comfortable to wear black and grays. I was a bit nervous about brights but it’s great that I can use/wear a lot of the neutrals that I already have (I own a ton of charcoal gray) and I can use accessories to ‘pop’ the brightness. 

I think I switched to safer/deeper colors as I got a bit older. My go-to is a burgundy with charcoal gray, but I've always loved purples and brighter reds. I'm really excited to continue on my style journey!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

What a complete and perfect color analysis!

Bonnie, USA: Yes, I am both Warm and Cool, but most of all ‘light’. It’s so nice to have that all addressed with the beautiful Light color palette you have chosen for me.

It has been so difficult trying to find where I fit. Mostly, I've been wearing mid-value colors on the cool-ish side. I don’t wear many prints aside from stripes as they seem to compete with my clarity. Spring Colors that are too warm bring out redness in my face. Too pastel will wash me out. Perhaps now with the right color palette I will be able to enjoy a better mix.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I’m so excited to finally get to downsize my closet. When I had a personal color analysis with TCI I thought I had it under control but with Soft Summer’s gray undertones it was quickly obvious that it wasn’t me. I looked and felt “gray”.

Your system has simplified the complexities of not fitting neatly into one season. I feel all my color attributes have been addressed and finally this is “me”.

It's easy to get sidetracked...

I've had a few days to read digest and think over your advice; it's been a revelation. At first I was a bit discombobulated not to fit into a Season but on reflection I realised I already knew so it made sense. I remember an online quiz asking whether I looked best in white or ivory; that was confusing because I knew I suited both so analysed as Cool made total sense.

The Cool palette leaves me with a lot of things that instinctively work & explains things that don't. I've never looked good in traditional beige leopard print but now I know why but I once had a grey cheetah coat that I loved - makes sense.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Looking at my wardrobe the most expensive things I own tend to be in the Cool colour palette while most of my mistakes are sale 'bargains'/fast fashion buys; I obviously have some instinct for what works with investment dressing but as you say it's easy to get sidetracked!

Thanks so much for the hair advice I knew it wasn't right but I tend to let hairdressers bully me, good to have the validation of an outside expert. Debra, UK

Cool confirmation...

I suspected I was Cool colouring.  Years ago when the Seasons began I felt I didn't really fit any of the categories. I was somewhere between Summer and Winter and naturally gravitated towards some of the colours in those palettes. It was nice to have someone confirm that. 

Most of my wardrobe fits the Cool palette but there are some fun colours I can try as well. I did find that L'Oreal has foundations is Warm, Cool and Neutral undertones so picked one in Cool and it matches great, makes a big difference.  I just need to find lipstick colours now.

Thanks so much for all your help.  I'm looking forward to getting the colour swatch. Susan, Canada

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Pamela: How different siblings can be. Susan's sister Kathryn is above - they're polar opposites!

I love the depth you go into...  Kelly from the USA

I love my color analysis thank you so much! Let me first say that your site is the first place that I’ve ever come across the Tonal color families.  I was always trying to decide if I was a summer or a winter; felt I was too dark for Summer but too light for Winter. And then I encountered a system that broke all the seasons down into three separate categories such as light, bright, and deep. I also saw the words shaded. How confusing! I really could not decide then.

Then I came across your site and pretty much figured I was probably either a Cool or a Winter but kind of also wondered about the Muted so I really wanted to have you do the Color Analysis so that I would know for sure.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

If I had been forced to choose I would have said I was the Cool color family so looks like I was right. I love the depth you go into, I'll be buying the fabric color swatch for sure. Again thank you so much. I’m 100% satisfied. Your website is very clear, you do amazing work. Thanks again!

It's taken a while...

It's taken a while but I'm starting to see this now. I've just ordered some clothes from Kettlewell and mentioned your name when they asked how I heard of the company.

How did you pick up Irish in me? Do I appear Irish? My paternal grandmother is Irish and grandfather is Catalan. All of my relatives on the Irish side have very dark hair, however, I have distant cousins from Barcelona who are gingers. Kellie, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Spring to Soft Summer but happy to be back...

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I think I instinctively chose Spring colors before I ever thought about the gold flecks in my eyes and decided I was Spring! I have old photos of me in turquoise, periwinkle blue and clear red. 

Then a few natural ash tones in my hair threw me and I switched to Soft Summer - there's a soft look I see from time to time so it seemed to make sense.

I've been weeding out the Soft Summer colors from my wardrobe this week and noticed that I collected crossover colors that also fit into Spring; some of them are very muted though and those are the ones that are going to go.

I was so excited once your conclusion set in that I took a day off to rearrange my wardrobe back to Spring. I'm getting my old wardrobe back, but it's different. I feel more free now to mix it up and pair opposites - and I'm only keeping what I love. Angie from

Sue is an expat blogger enjoying the Spanish sun...

There's so much to take in, but my immediate reaction was that it all made sense and there are lots of colours that I love in there. I liked the way you showed the various options so I could see the difference between warm and cool etc, and also how you used some photos from my blog!

I have some of the Autumn colours in my Warm swatch, but it will be good to have all the Autumn colours together. It's interesting to see the difference having the deep element makes, as many of the warm shades are too light for me.

I'm definitely pleased with the results, thanks for such an indepth analysis plus the book. Sue, Spain from

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

This is a game changer for me!

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Thank you for the detailed analysis. I think that it's going to be a game changer and save me money in my future purchases. I've had other online analysis - been neutral and even warm neutral twice (soft autumn). Those analysis' were challenged on a Facebook forum with lots of feedback saying I was cool most likely a summer maybe winter. 

It's hard to be objective and maybe as you pointed out the most important thing isn't bright vs. soft or light vs. dark so those factors have always thrown me off when trying to apply other systems. My palette is so classy and I love that you made the comparison to Duchess Kate. I can't wait to start building a wardrobe that will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you again! Laurie, USA

Think I've gone into analysis paralysis!

Thank you SO much for this. It's absolutely wonderful. I had a feeling I was going to be either Autumn or Winter, so this has confirmed it and I'm very excited!

I am actually rebuilding my wardrobe 'from the ground up'. Most of my clothes no longer fit so I'm literally starting from scratch. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a capsule wardrobe, at least to start off with, so I'm trying to come up with a colour palette based on the analysis you've given me.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I think I've gone into analysis paralysis!  Christina, Australia

Pamela says: Christina has lots of black in her wardrobe and the boldest colors of Autumn work so well with this to give her plenty of mix and match opportunities straightaway. 

This makes sense...

Thank you so much, this is very exciting and makes sense of what I was thinking. I have a lot of the colours already but now it gives me a much better focus and a good deal of inspiration. It also explains why some colours just don't make me feel good even though I like them!

I always wanted to do an analysis but found it too expensive but I think you are offering good value for money and it is equally effective online. Eleanor, UK

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

So exciting, Linda USA

Oh my gosh, this is just wonderful.  I have a few things still to read, but I love all the work you did. 

I've needed help for a long time and have always been confused with color. Am so looking forward to my fabric swatch and feeling impatient!...

I got them yesterday. I'd ordered coats in camel and grey, and that worked the best. I was able to see that the camel was a medium shade and didn't quite fit in with the colors.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Will have a lot of fun - so glad you did my color analysis, such a thorough job! It is very exciting and keeps me a bit out of myself! Thanks so much.

From confusion to confidence...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you have sent me.

I had been previously told I was a Summer flowing to Spring which I have found quite confusing and thought perhaps I might be more tonal. Coming out as a True Spring is a surprise but makes so much sense when I look at the pictures, especially as I've always thought peachy make-up and bronzer really suited me rather than pinks. No wonder I have been feeling quite drab of late!

You have given me the confidence to embrace some colours which I had thought suited me but was contrary to the cool palette I've been sticking too.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I'm super excited to keep my new copper hair and can't wait to brighten up my wardrobe. Deborah U.S.A.

Having fun with my Summer colors

Thanks Pamela, I think I got everything. It will take a while to process but I love the way you show the warm and cool so I can see the difference. When I was younger I think I was more of a Cool but you are spot on that Summer is better now. I do want to order the fabric swatch but let me look everything over first.

Thank goodness for Poshmark-lots of Warm stuff going to sell! Thanks again. You have confirmed what I thought was correct. 

I’m having fun with my summer colors.

Joy, USA

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Janice from Canada...

"I've been searching for over 2 years for someone to do my colours. Anyone I found missed the mark but when I came across Pamela's site I knew I had hit gold!

Everyone looked so much better in their correct colours. I always thought I might be Autumn but some of the colours were just so off, now I know I'm a Summer and I love all the colours! I have gone through a lot in the last few years of my life and this is just what I need to help get back on track. 

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I need new clothes but didn't want to waste money on things that didn't flatter me so finding my best colours as a first step. Why spend loads of money if they won't flatter me?  Now I know exactly what to buy no money wasted I feel more confident! Thank you so much Pamela you are a treasure and I truly feel you have a gift at helping people with their colours, and through that with their confidence!"

Juliet from France..

Before: "I am a new mom since 6 months and I would like find the right colors to be prettier and feel more confident." 

After: "Thank you very much for this color analysis. I am very happy to finally know what colors to choose. 

I started buying a scarf with spring colors and I immediately saw the difference on me. I will continue with sun dresses for this summer" :)

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Melissa, Australia...

Thank you so much - how wonderful to see your analysis it makes perfect sense.

In some ways I was slightly disappointed that you didn’t say you thought I was a Spring or a Light or even an Autumn just because it would be something that would be completely different and new to work with but deep down I knew I was somewhere between Summer and Winter and most of my favourite clothes are Cool coloured.

You’ve given me a great framework and a better understanding of how/why my colouring is supported and brought out with cool colours but not so much in some of the colours in the Summer and Winter palettes.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

I don’t know why I waited so long to ask for your help!

P: Melissa's hair is transitioning into beautiful silver which allows her colors to look more stunning.

I love it!

Susan from the US:

Thank you so much! I love it! I will take some time this week to read and digest all the information. Can’t wait to dive in. By the way, You were recommended by Laura V. Several of us in that group find your analyses (even online!) to be thorough and so very helpful.

Your explanation of the Summer  seasonal palette (vs tonal) helps all the others I’ve had make sense now. I'm really enjoying my palette.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

Fiona, Australia says: I appreciate your help to all my questions. I'm really looking forward to identifying a pattern and understanding why certain colours and makeup works or don't work. I want to stop second guessing myself all the time over purchases and know what to look for. Thank you for the digital swatch, can I order fabric swatch from you?

Pamela:You talked initially about finding your personal style - well after seeing earlier photos of you I think you've definitely found it. With your short curly hair and colorful glasses it really sets off your delicate features and the vibrant Spring colors will be the finishing touch.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs

No wonder I always thought I was pale...

Looking at my pictures with the colors around them I can't believe I could have been so confused thinking I was warm. I can really see how the Winter palette favors my skin tone. About 90% of my wardrobe and makeup is warm using orange, brown and gold jewelry. That could be the reason why I always thought about myself as yellow and pale but I've just been using the wrong colors most of the time.

I am so happy now knowing my right colors that I look forward to start making changes little by little to enhance my appearance. I know it will take time as you said but thank you again I am really happy with the results and love the colors of the Winter palette. USA.

Before and after Color Analysis - testimonials, reviews and photographs
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