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A classic Makeup Class...

This step-by-step makeup class will show you how to effect a classic and natural looking makeup.

Mature skin is thirsty and acts rather like blotting paper soaking up product so that it practically disappears.

Look Fabulous Forever is a makeup specially formulated for mature skin - the first Pro Age makeup - and gives great coverage with a light and natural appearance. 

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If you know your skin is Warm or Cool it will make it much easier to choose the makeup colors that make you look more attractive.

It makes more sense when you know why you're putting on makeup in a certain way and why it helps it to stay fresh on your face.

Follow the easy steps of my Makeup Class...

Whether you want to create a quick 5 minute morning makeup or a party look, follow the same techniques from the makeup class.  

You don't have to use expensive cosmetics there are many really good and sensibly priced products around. Just make sure that whatever you use suits your skin  - decide whether you need products for a dry or oily skin.

A good set of makeup brushes is an excellent investment - you'll be able to blend your makeup and achieve a professional finish with no harsh lines.


Start with a fresh canvas, a clean and healthy skin is important.

Apply moisturizer at least 5 or 10 minutes before you apply foundation so that it's thoroughly absorbed.  This prevents the foundation from 'sliding' off. Moisturize before breakfast, makeup after.


Primers are designed to 'seal' the skin and prepare it for makeup.  Look Fabulous Forever make primers for skin, eyes and lips that smoothe the skin preparing the perfect base for makeup. 

These primers smoothe the surface and ensure that makeup stays on rather than disappearing into your skin. The face primer, for instance, helps to minimize pores and provide a smooth surface for foundation. The eye prime smoothes the surface of even a crepey eyelid so that application is easier and eye makeup stays firmly in place. The lip prime smoothes the lip area and prevents lipstick bleeding and feathering around the mouth - it also ensures that your lipstick stays put.


Foundation isn't used to add color but to enhance the natural coloring and smooth uneven skin tones. It should exactly match the complexion not disguise it.

We tend to make 2 major mistakes with foundation:

  • choosing a foundation that's too dark so it leave a 'tide-mark' along the jawline
  • choosing a 'flat' beige foundation instead of adjusting to the skin tone

There are many different formulations but a liquid will probably give you the most natural look. If you know your skin tone is warm or cool it will help but test color on the jawline anyway. Dot two or three colors and blend into the skin, the best match will virtually disappear.

Apply small dots onto your nose and down the center of your forehead and chin. Gently blend outwards towards the edge of your face and and down to your jawline for a smooth application.

Any product left at your jawline can be smoothed underneath the chin to avoid a 'tidemark'. By working from the center outwards, you can always blend product away if it's too heavy.

Makeup Class tip: You can use clean fingers but a professional brush or a dampened sponge will give a much better and smooth appearance. Don't use too much product initially, you can always apply more.

Makeup class #makeup class https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/makeup-class.html


Concealer is useful for blemishes or the dark areas around the eyes but make sure you have one that is soft and creamy, a medicated product is very drying. Treat the very sensitive skin around the eye area with great care, no stretching or pulling. 

There are now some amazing highlighter/illuminator products on the market which create a fabulous effect. YSL Touche Eclat is amazing. But use with care, it is a highlighter not a concealer, so use just in the inner corners of the eye not completely underneath.

Makeup class tip: Beware of cheap imitations of Touche Eclat - even on Amazon if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Loose powder

Often considered to be an old fashioned product but it's still the only thing to set and finish a makeup and the mainstay of models and makeup artists.

Loose powder will minimize the look of pores, absorb excess oil and give a smooth and even finish. Apply a small amount with a gentle pressing motion all over face lips and eyes with cotton wool and then brush off excess to polish the skin and avoid a heavily powdered look.

Makeup class tip: You can, of course, use a pressed powder, particularly in your handbag for during the day, but loose powder is the one to keep on your dressing table for either special occasions or at the start of the day if you want your makeup to last.


Eyes - the window to your soul!

Eye makeup really brings them alive if you use neutral tones to shape and enhance - shades of brown, taupe and a creamy highlighter will suit and flatter any eye color.

Eyebrows are often under-estimated but they provide a frame for your eyes. Aim for a naturally classic shape gently tidied (pluck only from beneath) and brushed; enhanced with eyebrow powder or small gentle strokes of a complementary color pencil if your brows are sparse.

Eye shadow color is used to shape and draw attention to the eyes, and reacts in just the same way as color on our bodies! Light shades will bring forward and dark will push back.

Makeup class #makeup class https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/makeup-class.html

Powder shadows are easiest to use. Add a sweep of mid to deep toned shadow in the crease of the eye blending it out to the outer edge and a dot of highlighter in the center of the lid.This will brighten the eyes. Apply a small amount of the same highlighter beneath the arch of the brow. 

If your eye shows any sign of puffiness above the eye, then this is where you apply the darker shadow - a darker color will make the offending area recede. If your eyes are very deep set then don't apply any darker shadow but try a lighter tone all over the eye area to bring them to life.

Eyeliner - is used to make the lashes look thicker and more luxuriant. Apply a pencil or liquid liner closely to the upper lash line, never too thick and usually only on the outer half. If it's used under the eye, make it only on the outer third and NEVER inside the lash line!

Mascara - is a MUST! Create longer and darker lashes with black mascara unless you are very fair when you may prefer to choose brown or brown/black! Avoid a clogged appearance and brush through if necessary. Save the exotic colors for parties!

If you like a natural look, or particularly for the Summer months, have an eyelash tint and wear only clear mascara. This is great for a Summer wedding particularly if tears are likely!

Makeup class tip: One of the main mistakes people make is to put too much heavy color on the eyelid itself, which in most cases, will make the eye disappear. Avoid shiny or glittery shadows on older skin.

Lip liner and lipstick

If you can perfect the use of a lip liner and lip brush it will improve the look of your lipstick tremendously and give a more youthful appearance.

A sharp pencil will create a crisp and neat edge to your lipstick and avoid smudging and 'bleeding'. Your lipstick will stay on for much longer too. Although it is normal to follow the natural lip line as far as possible, this can be improved upon if you need to make your outline more symmetrical. Follow and create the cupid's bow in the center of the lips first then follow the line of the lips, before filling in with color.

Makeup class #makeup class https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/makeup-class.html

Match the pencil to your lipstick if you are sure of your lipstick tone. If you want to create a slightly younger and more natural look, then choose a slightly deeper pencil and a lighter lipstick. This will give a younger and more natural look.

Makeup class tip: If you want your lipstick to really stay on for a special occasion, apply with a brush, blot, then re-apply. Apply a little face powder or talcum through a tissue then touch up again with color.


is designed to add contour with a natural glow of color and it will intensify the brightness of your eyes. Powder blusher is the easiest to apply. Dip a generously-sized brush into the blusher and tap it gently onto the back of your hand first to lose the excess. Apply it, not to the apply of the cheek as is often instructed, but to the highest and widest part of the cheekbone, sweeping it up and outwards towards the temple.

Makeup class tip: Never bring blusher down as low as your nose.

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