Like dark colors and feel they make me look slimmer?

by Kate

Light brings forward Dark recedes

Light brings forward Dark recedes


I'm always drawn to dark background colours but Black now seems to drain me and my friends remark that I don't often wear colour.

I have always had a bit of a weight issue and I think dark colours make me look thinner. Please help.


Hi Kate

Nice to hear from you but sorry to hear you're having problems!

I don't know your natural coloring but if you're drawn to deeper colors perhaps you need the contrast that a strong color will create but strong colors don't have to be dark. And you can always add a lighter shade near to your face as well to create that contrast.

The other reason may be that because you feel a bit overweight you're trying to hide in a deep color. You're right, wearing a deeper color can make you look a bit slimmer. Light brings forward an dark colors recede but only when you choose a color that suits you. Wearing black if it makes you look like death, doesn't make anyone look good!

Every Color Family has neutrals and deeper shades as well as lighter and prettier tones. You just need to find the best colors for you. Then you can choose a deeper shade say for the bottom of your body and a lighter shade close to your face. This brings the eye up to your face and it's the first place someone will look.

Quite honestly I would suggest an Online Color Analysis to find the whole palette of colors that you can mix and match together.

For the price of a new dress it's an investment for life and it will give you a real boost and actually encourage you to look good and feel good about yourself. And... you have a guarantee of satisfaction.

I hope this helps and I hope to hear from you ...

kind regards

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