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I am a size 10 with small narrow shoulders. I need to find jackets/blazers that have shoulder pads already in them to start smart for work as a nursery manager, but are washable and functional too. I usually buy from Next, Wallis etc. but struggle with droopy sleeve seam lines. Would love to know a Highs Street label that has workable structured jackets/ Blazers.
Thank you.


Hi Hazel

I know exactly how you feel I'm very narrow in the shoulders too and it does make you feel droopy!

Last week, a friend of mine showed me an outfit she'd bought for her son's wedding. She's a bit hippy but no one had suggested to her that she put in shoulder pads to balance the look! We popped in some very light foam pads and it made a world of difference and completely balanced her figure.

I'll tell you what I would do Hazel. Because the jackets from Wallis and Next suit your budget and they are serviceable and washable, I would stick with them. Buy your own shoulder pads and you can get whatever size you like, you only need lightweight foam ones, John Lewis or similar will do the job.

All it takes is to open to shoulder seam of the lining and it's very easy to roughly sew in the shoulder pad to the seam. You don't have to be a seamstress. The jacket will continue to be completely washable but you'll feel far more comfortable and look far more professional. Even if you have to pay someone to do this for you it's a very small job that will be well worth the small investment.

If you begin to go upmarket from Next or Wallis, you will probably find quite a price jump. Jackets are likely to be more tailored, perhaps not as easy care and you might not feel as comfortable. If you're working with children you will continue to need something washable so don't be persuaded to spend too much!

If you already have an unstructured jacket, try popping some small shoulder pads in to see how it might look.

Take a look at the page where I discuss Narrow Shoulders you might find some more tips to help.

kind regards

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