Is it possible to be all 4 seasons?

by Susan


I have been told I'm Autumn, burnished Winter, light autumn, soft!


Dear Susan

I have never ever been asked a question like that before! But because we've corresponded in some detail, I know that you've had several confusing and expensive color analysis consultations over the years - and yet you've never felt comfortable with any of the results.

It really is what gets Color Analysis a bad name!

Seasonal Color Analysis is great and the colors fabulous - if you fit into the system - but there are few people that actually do have the 3 precise characteristics needed to be a true Season.

As you've found, your coloring just didn't fit easily into one of the Seasons and each time you were 'slotted' into what someone thought would do!

I would advise anyone considering Color Analysis to find a consultant who understands both the Seasonal and Tonal methods. They both analyze color characteristics but each person's natural coloring will dictate which method offers the appropriate color family.

I've now had the opportunity to look at your natural coloring more closely with Online Color Analysis> and discovered that your very individual coloring has elements of both Warm and Cool. However, the most striking part of your appearance is the brightness of your eyes.

It is this very attractive feature and the strong contrast between your hair, eyes and skin tone that link you with the Bright color family.

This doesn't mean that your colors always have to be vivid and Bright, just that you need clarity in your colors avoiding the influence of a yellow or blue undertone. This will balance the contrast and clarity in your natural coloring. You favor strong deep colors and your best neutrals are black, white, navy and grey. It may sound strange but they're all Bright colors and have complete clarity.

So to answer your question - no you cannot be all 4 Seasons but you can be a little of each - warm, cool but most of all BRIGHT.

I'm so pleased that you finally feel your questions have been answered.

kind regards

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