In dire need of advice!

by Sandy

Hi, Pamela!

I almost don't know where to begin. I don't know if you can help me at this point. I understand you can't do an in-depth Color Analysis for me yet. I am 68 years old and have been living only on Social Security, which is low and limiting for me. I am so happy I found you and your website. I have been enjoying my exploration of it and all your free content, and I took a few interesting quizzes.

I was so impressed even before I read one awesome review after another. They served to confirm and validate my thoughts and feelings. You have a wonderful gift and are doing a fantastic job helping other women with your work and how you do it.

Years ago, perhaps in the 70's, I had a Color Analysis, as many women did. I had been analyzed as being in the "Warm Autumn" color family, and I was given a wallet with fabric swatches in it; I still have it. I read the article on your website entitled "What the heck is a Warm Autumn?" It made sense to me, and as I read from you and in some reviews, I haven't been feeling right about what I thought was my Color Family. Even Autumn by itself, I'm not convinced of that.

The first time I took your Color Analysis Quiz, I thought I belonged to the Deep Tonal Color Family. But since then, I'm unsure. I can't definitely identify with only Warm or only Cool. I can't definitely identify with only Autumn or only Winter. I know that Spring and Summer are out. Light is out. Only Muted is out. I gravitate toward richly pigmented colors when choosing most things; I like vibrance. I don't think pale or pastel shades look good on me, and I don't want to be limited to muted shades.

My best friend says she thought I was a Winter because I looked so good in a white wedding dress in my 20's. All these years, white was not in Warm Autumn, and I didn't think I could wear white. Yet I like Warm and Cool colors, and I like Autumn and Winter colors, but I want to identify what is most flattering for me, to know where I belong going forward and buy things accordingly. I like the Bright for vibrance and the Deep for the richly pigmented shades. I am just totally confused now after looking at the different color families; I never read anything before about the Tonal Color Families. Now I don't know if I belong in a Season or a Tonal color family.

I had once been told years ago that I had a golden undertone to my skin. However, several years ago, I sent a photo to a major beauty retailer's website and spoke on the phone with the Beauty Advisor. She said I had Light-to-Medium skin; she agreed that I may have a little of a warm undertone, but she mainly considered me to have a neutral undertone, and she said I really could wear many colors with makeup from both the warm and cool ranges. However, she said she didn't think I should go to the "far" end of the cool color spectrum, and I think I agree with her entire assessment. I have since bought foundation at beauty counters in department stores and been matched. I've been buying neutral foundations.

My natural hair color was dark brown. I would say my eyes are chocolate brown with a grey rim around them, but I never noticed the rim before. I always thought I had dark brown eyes. But they're not almost black. Ever since I've been coloring my hair, I go for a reddish-brown (Auburn) shade.

I don't think I'm only Deep because it appears to me that the women in those photos have darker skin than me, and there doesn't seem to be any bright shades in the Deep Color Family. However, I have been mistaken for being Hispanic in stores already. One of the foundations that I've used is called Light 08, and the one I presently use is called Neutral Medium. I have compared them on my face, and they both seemed about the same with tone. Each manufacturer does it differently. I'm not considered Fair, and I was told by a Beauty Consultant that I wasn't Ivory as I thought; she said I was in the Beige range.

I recently had to weed out my clothing; there are barely any items left that fit me, and some of what's left is worn-looking. I need to rebuild my wardrobe as I do my makeup as well. I don't have the funds right now to get the in-depth Color Analysis, though I am definitely planning to do that as soon as I'm able, and then to purchase fabric swatches. I hope I can do that this month. But I don't want to waste any money when I start to buy any items. I don't want a Capsule Wardrobe, and I know I need and want my best neutrals, but I don't want to have "only" neutrals with which to begin. I'm not a "neutral" kind of person.

I'm including photos of myself, what I look like now without makeup so you could see my natural coloring and one from 2021 with my hair pulled back while wearing makeup. Could you please give me some advice or direction with which to begin until I can purchase an in-depth Color Analysis? I need and desire to buy a "few" things to wear. I am overwhelmed and can't think of what to do. I would be grateful for any assistance from you, Pamela. Could you please save this message so you could refer to it when I purchase an in-depth Color Analysis? Thank you so much.



Hi Sandy

I feel your frustration but, on the other hand, you have obviously looked into the subject quite deeply and that's of great benefit.

I have not used the photos you included on here to protect your privacy but I have saved them along with your letter. However, I would need much closer and higher resolution pics to actually do an analysis so I could see your eyes etc. much more clearly.

As it happens I am going on holiday soon so no new Color submissions will be started until the end of May so there's no rush if and when you decide to go ahead.

I would suggest that you really try not to spend at the moment, use the time to really sort out what you have, what you need and what you enjoy wearing. The oldest jeans and t-shirt can look good if you decide to apply your makeup and style your hair - people look at your face.

If you can't get into your clothes decide to spend 2 or 3 weeks eating as well as you can and cutting out fat. I couldn't get in some of my holiday clothes and have made a real effort in just 3 weeks and I've dropped 4 pounds. It really makes a big difference.

If and when you are ready to go ahead with an analysis you'll be so pleased you put in the ground work. I hope that helps a little and that you are able to be in touch before long.

I can't reply direct as you haven't entered your email address but hope you can access this.

kind regards

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May 25, 2022
by: Sandy Smith

Hi, Pamela!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

I've been wanting to write back to you for a long time. Thank you for your response to my message.

I was able to explore more of the free content on your website. I read things I had not managed to read before. I started to read some of what other women had asked you, along with your responses to them. It led me to read an article entitled, "How Color Analysis Works". I read about how to figure out your Tonal Color Family. I also took the Color Analysis Quiz several times, and no matter what, the results kept coming out the same. I could not totally identify as Autumn or Winter. I like a lot of colors in both palettes. The most obvious difference was with Light or Deep. I was clearer about that more than the other questions; it was Deep. As I mentioned, I've been told by Makeup Advisors that I have a neutral undertone, and my neutral medium beige foundation is a match. I was told I could wear many colors in makeup from both warm and cool ranges, but not to the extreme cool. I couldn't clearly identify with only Warm or Cool. I like a lot of the colors in both, and my veins are blue green; I have never been able to see blue OR green. Between Bright and Soft/Muted, I knew I could not say only Soft/Muted. I am drawn to colors which are rich and highly pigmented. I also like the vibrant/bright colors. My Quiz resulted in Deep every time. I was struggling for a time, wondering if I might be Bright or Deep. But when I read about the Bright Tonal Family, I thought that did not sound like my natural coloring. An obvious difference was the description of the eyes for the Bright Tonal Family. I know mine are not like that. So, I thought again that I must be Deep. And my hair color sounds like in the Deep Tonal Family, not the Bright. I keep coming back to that.

I haven't started buying much at all with clothing yet. I'm getting ready to finish cleaning out my closet. I was reading and re-reading some of the content on your website again this evening. I have already received the Deep Tonal Color Brief in digital format. My printer couldn't print out the colored swatches properly as you said might happen. So, I have them on my computer. I would still like to receive an in-depth color analysis for its accuracy and content and would also like to purchase the appropriate fabric swatches, both things as soon as I am able. I am so excited about all of this and am looking forward to being able to use your services and building a new wardrobe.

You mentioned you didn't have my email address, but I could swear I had typed it in when I submitted my Question. I'm glad I checked and was able to see your response. I know I submitted my email when I initially signed up to receive your free book, "Shortcut to Style", which I did receive, and I receive "Your Style" newsletters in my email. I don't know how else to send it to you.

Thank you so much, Pamela!

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